17 July 2018 – Statement

In order to get closer from the location where his spare engine will be delivered, Éric Morel boarded a truck with his bicycle. He will need to remain still in Almaty for a three days penalty, starting from the moment his lift dropped him near the city.
Auguste et Camille Colle were the victim of a road accident last night. They are safe and healthy, but the details of the technical damages to their bike are still unknown. Still under shock, they were forcefully brought backwards by the police, questioned and retained until 9pm for various administrative formalities.
Following this incident, the police found them a paying lift to be brought back to the accident site (exposed roadside) or even to Almaty. The organizer knew about this and was favourable to a quick resolution from this complicated situation, in the middle of the night. By principle, their were asked to observe a penalty in regards to the stretch of road between the accident site and Almaty, which was brought down to 10 hours in order to take in account the exceptional circumstances. The pair will be back on the road shortly.
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