4th position for Stéphane Bertrand

Stéphane Bertrand (with Declic Eco and Photowatt) just arrived in Guangzhou!
He finished in 4th position of the 2018 Solar Challenge with an adventure time corrected to 55 days and 23 hours (thanks to a 2-day bonus granted in Xinjiang).

2th of the race until China, just behind Raf Van Hulle, Stéphane’s adventure have been marked by his hazardous route choice during its 2th day in China. After being forced in spectacular U-turn, he lost four days, took down the wheel of the top trio and finally faced a much worse wind in the Gobi desert.
Added to that a day of rest to recover from indigestion, a succession of technical problems and Stéphane lost all hope of being able to return on the podium. This morning, again, he had to face a last puncture, 40 km from the finish, using for the occasion his very last patch!

Stéphane Bertrand ends his adventure very tired, but no doubt we will see him on the roads of the Sun Trip.
5th in 2013, 4th this year, he knows he has victory in his legs.
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