Adventure in Serbia

The last time I wrote in English was the day before entering in Serbia, which we left today so I will do a quick pros and cons of this experience.





In Belgrade a Russian woman hosted us with 3 others adventurers. She was very very nice. Even if we arrived as a tornado she gave us all the hospitality possible and also the place in her courtyard. I let you imagine how 5 solar bikes can be large.

 Jour 1 avec Tom et MC001

We decided to continue our road with 2 others adventurers: Tom and Marie Claire at least till Russia maybe till the end. In my next article I will talk more about them but for now we just had ride 3 days together.


Prices start to be lower and lower which is nice for us. We can eat in restaurant and spend just a little bit more than our forecast for food.


We followed the Danube for something as 200 km and it was very nice. We were in the middle of the Iron gates, an amazing path along the Danube between Serbia and Romania, one of the most beautiful place we saw since we left France.

 Suivant le Danube047

The owner of a supermarket offered us all the stuff we took in his shop. He also gave us a cake done by his daughter and some T-shirt from a Serbian brand beer, which was perfect because I was forecasting to buy a t-shirt.




Serbia is full of reckless drivers; it is probably why there are so many gravestones on the side of road. I’m very happy to be out of this country for our safety on the road. Typically, when a driver want to overtake he just does it even if you are in front of him in the other side, if you want to stay alive you have to move where you can.


Serbia is quite dangerous for riders but Belgrade is worst. I think it is less dangerous for you to take the Paris orbital in the wrong way than to cross Belgrade by bike.


There are a lot of wild dogs in Serbia (and it will be the same in Romania and Ukrainian apparently) and for them riders = sausages which means you need to develop some techniques if you want to avoid to go to a hospital for a vaccination against rabies. My technical as 5 steps:

–          Be very careful on the sides

–          If you see a dog make a sign for your friends

–          Push your motor to its maximum

–          If the dog is coming closer and closer drop a plastic bottle, they often lose few precious seconds to look at it (I will pick up a plastic bottle each time I will have to drop one to keep a good ecological balance)

–          If the dog is too aggressive, time to throw a stone on it

I’m a bit sad to throw stuff on the dogs because normally I’m a big fan of this animals, but here they are so aggressive that you have to prepare you defense or you will be bit as the Czech competitors.


My articles are not as good as I would like but most of the time we ride and we haven’t so much time to spend to write article. Promise, at our next break I will do an effort to tell you more stories.





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