Sun Trip 2018 Departure: Where To Join Us

The Sun Trip Adventurers are inviting you to join them June 14-18, on the last days before embarking on their solo and unassisted 12,000 km journey from Lyon to Canton.

Before following them on the map and on the website all summer long, discover the different possibilities of meeting them below. You will also find more information about the « Sun Trip Friends’ Friendly Loop » coordinated by Vecolo and the Sun Trip Association.

Basecamp at the Domaine Saint Joseph (private) 

10 minutes away from downtown Lyon, the Domaine Saint Joseph (hotel and convention center) is an ideal basecamp before departure. Participants will set their tent there two days before the official start and gather for the official briefing, the technical inspection and the final preparations.

Reserved access for family and the media.

June 14, 2018, 5-9pm: « Chinese-themed Afterwork » Place des Terreaux

The day before the official departure, the ambiance will be festive downtown Lyon.  Some participants will showcase their solar bike on the prestigious Place des Terreaux and share a moment with the people of Lyon. In connection with the Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois (New Franco-Chinese Institute) and the House of Culture Chinese of Lyon, this evening will feature several Chinese cultural events, the presence of Chinese food truck, etc.  Come celebrate the French-Chinese friendship with us as part of the 30th anniversary of the Lyon and Canton cooperation.

A detailed program will be disclosed in the upcoming weeks.

June 15, 2018, 10am-1pm: Official Start

The 2018 Sun Trip bikes will be back at Place des Terreaux at 10 am on Friday, June 15. A press conference will be held in the City Hall Salon while the Sun Trip and its partners will be exhibiting on the place in connection with the Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois and the la Maison de la Culture Chinoise de Lyon, many entertainments will make this official moment a very festive one.

The Official Start will be given at 1 o’clock in the presence of elected officials and international media. A solar lunch not to be missed!

A detailed program will be disclosed in the upcoming weeks.


June 16, 2018: Savoy Between Lake And Mountains 

After sleeping on the shores of the largest natural lake in France (Lake Bourget), participants will travel to Aix-les-Bains and meet people near the market (9:30-11am). They will then ride towards Chambéry, where they will be welcomed on the Marché des Continents (Parc du Verney), before stopping at the Inukshuk bicycle café for lunch, a press point and a solar bicycle presentation (1-3pm).

The pack will then ride towards the Bauges massif for a night in altitude at the base de l’île du Cheran.

June 18, 2018: Chamonix 

Under the Mont Blanc peak, the Sun Trip will be showcasing in the Chamonix downtown area from 10am to 14:30 in connection with the town government.

Our adventurers will have a time reserved for the discovery of the beauties of the Mont Blanc massif.

A detailed program will be disclosed in the upcoming weeks.

June 19, 2018: Start Proper!

At 9am in front of the Chamonix town hall, participants will gather one last time. It will be the ultimate moment to bid farewell to their families, as the adventure will be really launched.

From this point on, the adventurers must not be followed as they begin their incredible crossing of Eurasia in total freedom.

Sun Trip Friends’ Friendly Loop: 

Will it be possible to physically follow the adventurers during this prologue?

Because of logistics and group cohesion, the Sun Trip Team does not allow a convoy of followers in the Sun Trip caravan for the whole prologue.  The Sun Trip and the Vécolo Associations teamed up to design a beautiful cycling circuit allowing fans, friends and relatives to meet and support the Sun Trip adventurers during the prologue at organized times.

Find all the informations on the groupe Facebook

Lyon-Chamonix Press Trip

This Sun Trip 2018 prologue will also be an opportunity for a press trip mainly gathering French, Chinese and Belgian journalists, organized in conjunction with Only Lyon and Savoie Mont Blanc Tourisme with Aix-les-Bains, Chambéry and Chamonix cities. For more information:

On the road Lyon-Chamonix :

Innovating With Solar Bicycles – Grin Technologies Partner of the Sun Trip

Innovating With Solar Bicycles – Grin Technologies Partner of the Sun Trip

The 2018 edition of the Sun Trip will result in an unprecedented partnership with canadian ebike expert Justin Lemire-Elmore and his company Grin Technologies: a DataBox collecting and analysing performance data of all our solar machines!

For almost ten years now, solar bikes have been designed and riden all over the globe. This technology is still only in its infancy. As a matter of fact, apart from a few technophiles, there is virtually no global performance database for data such as solar production, engine consumption, average speed, etc.

The Sun Trip is a great opportunity to try and test improvements in the field of solar mobility technologies and stimulate manufacturers to get involved. In the light of these observations, we partnered with Justin Lemire-Elmore in order to equip the 2018 Sun Trip participants with an autonomous databox.

This tool will record a series of data in real time:

  • Geolocation Data (instant and average speed, elevation, etc.)
  • Solar Production (voltage, A, Wh, etc. )
  • Electric Consumption (voltage, A, Wh, etc. )

This DataBox will use little power and will be small enough to be tucked in the battery compartment or positioned outside. It will be fitted with a display and microSD data storage.

Two sensors will collect data around the battery:

  • one in series with the solar charging;
  • one in series with the motor discharge.

Grin Technologies is thus becoming an Official Partner on the Sun Trip 2018. As such, they will be granted a license to use this data for research and development and further the cause of new mobilities in North America.

There is also an opportunity for the Technical Team to use the information gathered by the Databox to resolve any arising dispute, although it is not its primary purpose.

Innover dans le vélo solaire – Grin Technologies partenaire du Sun Trip

Innover dans le vélo solaire – Grin Technologies partenaire du Sun Trip

L’édition 2018 du Sun Trip donnera lieu à un partenariat inédit, imaginé avec l’expert canadien du vélo électrique Justin Lemire-Elmore et sa société Grin Technologies : une DataBox pour collecter et relever des performances de tous les engins !

Depuis maintenant presque dix ans, des vélos solaires roulent de par le monde et ce n’est que le début, mais malheureusement, hormis quelques technophiles, il n’y a pas de véritable base de données globale des productions solaires, consommations moteur, vitesses moyennes, etc.

Le Sun Trip étant un formidable champ d’exploration pour améliorer les technologies de la mobilité solaire et motiver les fabricants à s’impliquer dans cette voie, nous avons décidé, sur proposition de Justin Lemire-Elmore, d’équiper les Suntrippers 2018 d’une DataBox totalement autonome.

Elle permettra l’enregistrement en continu de diverses données :

  • Données GPS (vitesse instantanée, vitesse moyenne, altitude, etc.)
  • Production solaire (tension, intensité, W, Wh, etc. )
  • Consommation moteur (tension, intensité, W, Wh, etc. )

Cette DataBox sera de faible consommation électrique, de petite taille (afin d’être facilement placée dans le compartiment batterie ou en extérieur) et sera munie d’un écran de contrôle ainsi qu’un enregistrement des données sur carte microSD.

La mise en place de deux capteurs de courant se fera en série avec la batterie :

  • un capteur en série avec la recharge solaire;
  • un capteur en série avec la décharge moteur.

La société canadienne Grin Technologies, qui devient partenaire officiel du Sun Trip 2018, pourra aussi exploiter ces données et faire avancer la cause des nouvelles mobilités en Amérique du Nord.

Même si ce n’est pas son but premier, cette DataBox permettra aussi un contrôle par l’équipe technique en cas de litige.

Solar Bikes and Sun Trip Workshop in Belgium

Solar Bikes and Sun Trip Workshop in Belgium

All ten Belgian Sun Trip 2018 participants together, along with one French and one German!

Organized by Raf van Hulle, this workshop was an opportunity for Sun Trip founder Florian Bailly to underline the relentless commitment of Raf and Dirk Huyghe by making them Sun Trip Ambassadors in Belgium. Ambassadors are chosen by the Sun Trip Association, in order to support the international development of the adventure in various countries. To be continued 

Atelier vélos solaires et Sun Trip en Belgique

Atelier vélos solaires et Sun Trip en Belgique

Les dix participants belges du #theSunTrip2018 réunis, accompagnés d’un des français et d’un des deux allemands !

Cette journée de préparation de l’aventure, organisée par Raf van Hulle, fut l’occasion pour Florian Bailly, le directeur du Sun Trip, de remercier l’engagement de Raf et Dirk Huyghe en les faisant ambassadeurs du Sun Trip en Belgique. Des ambassadeurs seront mis en place, en lien avec l’association du Sun Trip, dans différents pays pour aider au développement international de l’aventure. A suivre 


Youssef & Mohamed Interviewed on Canal 360 in Morocco

Youssef & Mohamed Interviewed on Canal 360 in Morocco

Moroccan team Youssef Al-Said and Mohamed Said interviewed by Canal 360 in Morocco regarding their participation on #theSunTrip2018 towards China.

Thanks to Moroccan media, local authorities and Moroccan people following this event. We hope to bring someday the Sun Trip to Morocco for a full Edition!

لقاء صحفي أجرته قناة 360المغربية حول مشاركة الفريق المغربي يوسف الهواس ومحمد سعيد الجباري حول مشاركتهم في رحلة الشمس نحو الصين
شكرا للاعلام المغربي والسلطات المحلية والشعب المغربي على مواكبة هذا الحدث ونتمنى أن تتاح لنا الفرصة لاحقا لتنضيم إحدى نسخ رحلة الشمس في المغرب

The Sun Trip 2018, more international than ever.

Thanks to Youssef and Mohammed for being so dynamic. We will soon present a second Moroccan Sun Trip Team!

Interview de Youssef & Mohamed sur Canal 360 au Maroc

Interview de Youssef & Mohamed sur Canal 360 au Maroc

Interview de l’équipe marocaine Youssef Al-Said et Mohamed Said par le Canal 360 du Maroc à propos de leur participation au #theSunTrip2018 vers la Chine.

Merci aux médias marocains, aux autorités locales et au peuple marocain de suivre cet événement et nous espérons avoir plus tard l’occasion d’organiser une édition du Sun Trip au Maroc !

لقاء صحفي أجرته قناة 360المغربية حول مشاركة الفريق المغربي يوسف الهواس ومحمد سعيد الجباري حول مشاركتهم في رحلة الشمس نحو الصين
شكرا للاعلام المغربي والسلطات المحلية والشعب المغربي على مواكبة هذا الحدث ونتمنى أن تتاح لنا الفرصة لاحقا لتنضيم إحدى نسخ رحلة الشمس في المغرب

Le Sun Trip 2018, événement plus international que jamais.

Merci à Youssef et Mohammed pour leur dynamisme. Nous vous présenterons sous peu une deuxième équipe marocaine !

Ezeebike: a CEO on the Sun Trip 2018!

Ezeebike: a CEO on the Sun Trip 2018!


A new company is taking part in the Sun Trip 2018 as a Technical Partner Team with a pretty impressive solar bike! Based in Shanghai, Ezeebike already gained attention in 2015 as the partner providing the engine of the solar challenge champion. In the 2018 Lyon-Canton Edition, Ezeebike will be represented by the CEO himself, Mr Wai Won Ching!

A skilled adventurer, Wai Won has already crossed China by bicycle, from Shanghai to Kasghar.

On the Sun Trip 2018, he will be testing one of Ezee’s latest models, the Longabike, sold as an electric bike on

Sounds promising!

Ezeebike : un PDG sur le Sun Trip 2018 !

Ezeebike : un PDG sur le Sun Trip 2018 !
Une nouvelle entreprise présente sur le Sun Trip 2018, en tant partenaire technique d’équipe et avec un vélo solaire assez impressionnant ! Basée à Shanghai Ezeebike a déjà fait parler d’elle sur le Sun Trip 2015, en tant partenaire moteur du vainqueur du chalenge solaire. En 2018, de Lyon à Canton, Ezee sera représentée par le PDG de l’entreprise lui même, Monsieur Wai Won Ching !
Adepte des voyages à vélo, Wai Won a par exemple déjà traversé la Chine, de Shanghai à Kasghar.
Sur le Sun Trip 2018 il testera un des derniers modèles produit par sa société, le Longabike, proposé en mode électrique sur
Prometteur !

Final Stage Summary – LYON

Final Stage Summary – LYON

After Lausanne, another great European city awaited the Sun Trip Tour. The final stage took participants through the Jura, the Ain, the Dombes and Trévoux before heading to Lyon.

There was no collective departure in Lausanne and each participant could leave whenever they wanted. We did share a collective breakfast were tiredness was palpable. Crossing the Alps wasn’t that easy after all!

True to their style, Michel and Louis were among the first to leave and chose the most astonishing route on this leg by quickly crossing the Swiss Jura and aiming for Dijon and Beaune! The following morning, they only needed to set sail due South through the vineyards. They rode over 400 km on this stage, earning the Super Suntripper badge.

Other participants split between two groups, some heading for the Jura and the Ain mountain ranges, and others circumventing any potential hardships and riding a few km on the Via Rhona.

They were all confronted to a strong headwind and at the same time, they foudn landscapes tailored for long distance cycling. With the great Alpine passes, they were discovering the plains.

In Trévoux on the shores of the Saone river, they gathered one last time together. The pack was warmly welcomed by the mayor, M. Marc Péchoux as a strong symbol for this city striving to develop its cycling paths and culture.

In the evening, the whole team was present at the campsite for one last briefing that doubled as a happy hour. Their smiles were even wider than usual on that closing evening together.

Friday July 21st at 8:30 AM, the pack of 33 cycles headed towards Lyon following the Saone river towpath. A few kilometers down the road, they paused at the Maison de l’éclusière (Locks Guardian House) where they met with elected officials and shared a typical French breakfast – café-croissant – in a congenial moment.

There were no more challenges, but they were free to choose their own way towards Lyon. Some opted for one last detour, heading to the Monts d’Or in order to enjoy a panoramic viewpoint over the area! The meeting point was the Masaryk pedestrian and cycling bridge. From there, the Lyon police escorted the pack all the way to the heart of the city, through the Croix Rousse cycling tunnel !

On the roadside, the riverbank quays welcomed the Sun Trip Tour 2017 arrival!

The official ceremony took place under a bright sun in the presence of elected officials from Lyon City, Lyon Greater Area and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

The winners of the various challenges were awarded trophies under the eyes of their peers. Belgium KU Leuven Team Bram and Jonathan earned the Photo Challenge, Charlotte Gille won the Eco Drive, Jean-Louis Machado was recognized the Super Combatif (a perseverance, Coup de Coeur prize), and Michel Bertet and Louis Parienté earned the Super Suntripper trophy. See all the results for the Sun Trip Tour Challenges.

The Sun Trip Tour 2017 is now over. From the 37 cycles that departed, 33 managed to reach the finish line. The Organizer’s goals have been achieved and the evaluation shows great potential for this type of event. No doubt that there will be a second edition for this regional Sun Trip concept in the years to come.

Thanks for following us!