Michel Bamps

– 57 years-old – Belgium

The president of Friends of the Earth Belgium cycles on a day to day basis but also advocates for ecomobility.

In addition, he suffers from Type II Diabetes. He therefore sees intensive sports activity as cathartic and his Sun Trip adventure as a testimonial.

His Solar Bike:

Bike: Recumbent Raptobike mid-racer, indirect traction, 26-inch wheels.

Trailer: DIY two-wheeler made of wood & styrodur.

Engine: Crystalyte HT 3525 frontwheel motor in the rear wheel position.

Battery: Lipo 48V 22 Ah

Solar panels: 296 Wp from Evocells (Belgian-made) on the trailer.

En bref : animal traction, solar propelling. I named it « Jydartha », just like Jéromine Pasteur’s first boat. Reading her gave me my wanderlust.

Some Words From The Adventurer…

I was vaccinated at birth with a spoke, I must say that my whole life, I have been on two wheels… My uncle sold bikes, my dad taught mechanics, therefore I “tinkered” all my bikes from a very young age. I got quickly tired of going around in circles in Audax, so I got a taste from other types of cycling, and then mountain biking when it appeared in Europe. I still missed something in my practice : it is with the recumbent bike that I begun cyclotourism. I finally found my passion: I like to push the limits for the horizon… I also love seeing the wind turbines.

I am a type II diabetic. For a long time, I thought I just had “a little too much sugar”. But the disease is insidious. After a trek in the Alps, I had to accept my illness. But this is not a surrender. After a few months doing intensive sports, my blood sugar had returned to normal. My Sun Trip will be a message of hope and life: type II diabetes is not inevitable but it is a catalyst to live life to its fullest.

I followed from afar the Sun Trip adventures in 2013, when I was ust starting to travel long distances by bike. When I heard about the Sun Trip 2015, it was full and way too late for me to join it. I had sworn to take part in the next one… I didn’t know back then that it would go to China. But it was too late, the virus was growing in me. In 2017, I joined the last stage of the Sun Trip Tour and discovered an incredible family.

My Sun Trip will not be a head on the grindstone race. I chose a touristic and cultural route and I hope it will be the opportunity for beautiful encounters and discoveries. From Belgium, I should cross 15 countries and ride 15,000 km before I arrive in Guangzhou.

Finally, I wish I could return with the Trans-Siberian train, but this is another (administrative) challenge. Otherwise, it will be an opportunity for me to try airplane, since the last time I board one, they still had propellers. But first … let’s get to China!

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