Bernard & Yann Cauquil
with Sun Power

59 & 27 years-old – (french version)

The amazing Winner of Sun Trip 2015 Race with a daily average distance of 280 km is coming back with his son Yann!

In 2018, this fantastic pair will ride a solar trike-tandem once again designed by Bernard himself.

Cherry on top, this duo can count on a top-notch technical partnership with SunPower, one of the leading solar companies,  in order to provide them with their high efficiency photovoltaic cells.

The solar bike:

When I crossed the finish line of the Sun Trip 2015, my eldest son first words were: “Next time, I’ll go with you!”

Since that day, the idea of taking part with an original machine took root. We will ride a recumbent tandem trike designed by ourselves and called “TwinDragonfly”.

A lot of long evenings on the drawing table brought this machine to life, able to endure the most difficult parts of the Sun Trip 2018 roads: Russia, Kazakhstan and the Gobi desert.

To make it more performant, we associated technical design elements which contributed to the success of the “Dragonfly” in 2015 and a few innovations to create a more efficient solar vehicle to fight for victory this year again.

Technical Partner: SunPower

SunPower has been developing record-breaking solar technology since the 70’s. Over decades, our history has been marked by creativity, craftsmanship – and confidence.

In 2007, SunPower started volume production of its record-breaking high efficiency solar cells, averaging 22.4% conversion efficiency. The SunPower® Maxeon™ solar cell technology powers Solar Impulse, the world record-setting solar plane that soared around the globe without a drop of fuel.

Today SunPower invests in integrating solar technology solutions to help customers manage their energy costs, reinforcing the company’s evolution to offering Smart Energy solutions for its residential, commercial and utility customers.

Website: Sunpower

A few words from the adventurers…

Yann : I’m 27 years-old and I grew up in Southwestern France before moving to Paris over a year ago. I work in a events startup as COO. I often went cycling with my father  when I was a child and he initiated me very early to his passion, but I was much more a winter sports kind of guy. I came back to cycling when my father took part in the Sun Trip 2015.

I was fascinated by the preparation he needed to participate, as well as the challenge itself and the daily distances that can be covered with a recumbent bike. When I met up with my father in Milan to celebrate his victory, my first words were: “Next time, I will go with you”. Since that day, the idea never left our minds and finally, we are almost there, working hard to prepare that incredible adventure for the 2018 edition.

I believe that the Sun Trip’s performances and the innovations it stimulates, with the design of more and more efficient vehicles, will generalize this new way of traveling. Being a part of this change means a lot to me.

Bernard: 59 year old, I live in Pau close to the Pyrenees. Cycling is one of my many passions. I try not to take myself too seriously (even if it’s a little bit tricky sometimes…), leading my life with humor and a bit of self-mockery. I consider seriously the future of our planet. Which world will we leave to our children? I’m trying to contribute to that cause at my level, specifically in the sustainable mobility.

I am a teacher at the Toulouse University on the Tarbes Bastillac campus where I am working with young schoolteachers and students in industrial computing degree.

I love to create with “what’s handy”, twisting things from their original function. I like that quotation from Claude Levi-Strauss in La pensée Sauvage which says something like: “the handyman stores in his cellar a lot of various things he gathers everyday. On Saturdays, he goes to his cellar, grabs a wheel, a piece of wood, an old piece of rubber and with this, this pre-existing materials to his project, he creates something which he is not able to define beforehand what it will become.

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