Catherine & Didier Pozzobon


58 & 60 years-old

They discovered the Sun Trip in 2015 through their friends’ experiences : Béatrice and Yannick. Now, it’s their turn to live the dream!

Last training to date: crossing the Atlas in five weeks, from Tanger to Ouarzazate with a solar bike for Cathy and on a non motorized trike for Didier.


Their Solar Bikes


Bike: recumbent trike Catrike Expedition
Engine: RH 205
Battery: Li Manganese, 48V, 22A
Solar Panels: HP Flex12_100L X 2= 200Wp / 60 cells et 2 Sun Travel / 72 cells
Total = 430 Wp / 132 cells
Dimensions : 0.80 X 2.96m


Bike: Recumbent Trike Catrike 700
Engine: MAC reducte
Battery: Li Manganese, 48V, 22A
Solar Panels: 3 Sun Travel / 108 cells
Total= 360Wp
Dimensions: 0.80 X 2.35m


A Few Words From The Adventurers…


I am a very voluntary person, always ready to travel in a simple fashion with little means provided that it is rich in contacts, exchanges and new countries to discover… beautiful adventures with its surprises, and its parts of troubles.

I discovered sport by skiing, hiking in the mountains (Dolomites, Mont Blanc) and then I had a chance to go climbing, ski touring, cross-country skiing and of course cycling, with many trips.

Traveling with our children has been a pleasure, we shared unforgettable moments.

Discovering solar trikes gave me the will to travel differently. Three years ago, we made a trip to Ardèche, then the following year we went to Northern Morocco, to the Imperial City of Fez, and in 2017, we crosse the Moroccan Atlas. It is a small experience but it won me over.

Without hesitation, I decided to take part in the Sun Trip 2018.  This trip is a real challenge, and I want to live up to it. It’s “a trip of a lifetime”.

Without Didier’s support and participation nothing could have been possible. I do not consider myself a good sportswoman but I have the will to live this adventure and I’m excited by the pleasure we’ll experience.

Travelling 150 km/day will be difficult, but over the course of the trip, the training will settle in and the fun will kick in.



I am someone who thinks outside of the box and I invest myself in ambitious projects. That applies to different fields, with my relatives, in creation and in journeys I make.

My priority was sharing something strong with my family, Cathy and our three children, with whom we travelled to meet other people.

The Sun trip 2018 fits perfectly this feeling of excess that we love, yes, I said we… because, Cathy also has this madness.

This Sun Trip is to go to unknown lands to have unexpected encounters and surely face many difficulties that we hope to overcome.

It is also for me a pleasure to leave everything behind … to “feel free”.

Even if we have some constraints, time not being the least: 100 days … the challenge stimulates us!

Private Sponsors

AMG – Mécanique générale

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