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– 30 year old – Switzerland

I am from the German part of Switzerland, in Emmental. Already during my childhood, solar energy was a great topic. My father let us drive his own vehicle built for the « Tour de Sol » (a solar car challenge during 90’s). We were only allowed to use its 1st gear to not drive it too fast.

After school, I did an apprentiship as a truck mechanic. Following my one year work experience in Canada, I worked 3 years at my uncle’s as a solar and wood heating technician. Now I’m a handyman and work part timeas an e-bike technician.

The Sun Trip is going to be the greatest adventure I did so far! When I travel, bushcamping is the usual. The top storey of a parking deck in Basel was the unusual. I finished twice the cycling challenge “alpenbrevet” and with my girlfriend, we cycled around Switzerland with a tandem.

His Solar Bike

This is me and my bike in front of my parents’ house. I had just finished the carbon solar panel frame and the soldering of the support.

Bike: SPEEDPED 500W,  8 gears Shimano Alfine

Engine: Rear-drive geared 500W

Battery : Li-ion 51.8V 21Ah

Solar Panels: 440Wp (reduced by the roof angle), height and all angles adjustable.

Weight: app. 10kg

Still under construction for the Suntrip: luggage carrier, kickstand, windshield, electrical wiring…

Some Words From The Adventurer…

I’m really happy to be taking part in the Sun Trip. The challenge to build a solar e-bike almost just by myself isn’t to be underestimated. It’s time consuming and it has to be really sturdy, made to withstand the long distance and the road conditions. During the challenge, I hope to share some km’s with the other participants and to meet nice and interesting personalities on my way.

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