Dirk & Daniel : 9th in 77 days

Dirk Huyghe from Belgium and Daniel Jenni from Switzerland arrived in 77 days, both 9th of the solar challenge.
Here are the first images of the simultaneous arrival of Dirk and Daniel at Yuexiu Park under the sunshine of Guangzhou (Canton).
14000 kilometers for Dirk from Gent (Ghent) who probably got (hopefully) the record of punctures on this edition numbering 45 !
Daniel will have almost reached 13,000, with few punctures but some technical problems he has generated due to his talent as a man “to fix everything”
The complicity of both contestants was strongly felt and we were all able to share a nice and warm welcome in the présence of Jack Hits The Road, Stephane Bertrand avec Déclic-éco – Sun Trip 2018, Paul Baudry Suntrip, Cedric Vinatier and Angélique – Le Sun Trip en Chine.
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