Dirk Huyghe

– 64 years old – Belgium

Dirk is one of the participants “coming back” from the first and second edition.

Already present on the first Sun Trip 2013 as solo and also in duet in 2015, Dirk will also participate for the 3th time to the Sun Trip edition of 2018!

He is among the historical figures of this event. His charisma made of him an adventurer enjoyed by all.

The Sun Trip 2018 will be a new challenge for this great traveler who knows very well the mountains of Central Asia.

His solar bike

For the SunTrip 2018, Dirk will ride a classic trekking bike of the well-known brand SANTOS.
Together with Robbert, the manager of Santos, they selected for the next big Sun Trip the new Travelmaster 3+  (27.5 inch wheels with big tyres and pinion gear).

For the first 2 Sun Trips, he used the Travelmaster 26 inch of the same brand, Santos. All these Travelmasters from Santos are real draft horses, extremely solid, with very good parts and above all very beautiful too!

Stefan from bikeshop Casa de Ciclistas in Ghent helped him also very much!

The Travelmaster 3+ for this Sun Trip will be equipped with a motor from Crystalyte Europe. Thanks to Thijs and his team.

Dirk will pulling behind his bike a one wheel trailer with two solar panels mounted up.
Thanks to Philip and Jonas for their fantastic help to construct this solar-trailer ! And also the company De Patrijs (Truck Solutions)  for using their working area.
Hopefully the total weight of the bike (including solar-trailer and luggage) : will not be be more than about 75 kg.

Two solar panels are constructed by the help from José Sáez from EURENER (Spain)  and the help from Piet TYVAERT from PROJECT-ZERO in Waregem
They helped on a fantastic way !! The 2 panels have a surface of about 80 x 110 cm, so together a profit of about 300 Watt during cycling. When the bike is not moving they will not use extra solar panels to charge.

Due to this rather small solar energy capacity, they will get rather small profit of the motor support (about 35% help and about 65 % power provided by the own muscles)
Therefore, Dirk will take his time to arrive in Guangzhou (Canton) … just in 100 days.

More info on BikeAndTrek.


Some words from the adventurer…

He is “retired” …   but NOT “expired” !

For many years he likes traveling around. It became a passion for him to explore the world especially by bike.

In his opinion, trekking by bike is the best way to discover our beautiful world.
He prefers to bike as much as possible in a natural area and camping wild at night.
Dirk also likes the contact with the local people.

He has a great passion for the (high) mountains of Asia.

He was lucky to make some trekkings (walking + by bike) in the Himalayas (Tibet, Nepal and India).

One of the most engaging trips was a bicycle trekking through the Himalayas (from Lhasa in Tibet to Kathmandu in Nepal) passing the Basecamp of the Mt. Everest (the North face in Tibet) at 5.200 m.

In addition, he also had the opportunity to travel through India on several occasions. This fascinating country and also the surrounding countries (such as Bangladesh) conquered quite a very special place in his heart.   Also the area of Tadjikistan + Kirgizstan he finds fabulous !

Of course he enjoyed also all the countries on his way during his participation to the two Sun Trips (one to Kazakstan and the other to Turkey and back).
Where ever you go by bike can be fun!  You don’t have to go far to enjoy yourself
So he made beautiful travels in many countries of Europe (and still do this and enjoy them!)

Photography is also one of his interests. He made some large movies from the trips of the last 7 years.

An impression of the photo’s + short films you can see on his website.

Apart from the « usual » bike-trips he also participated to the both 2 Sun Trips (2013 and 2015). Because he started already from his home in Gent he rode a little more than 9.000 km each.

Dirk adores such big eco-adventures … a little bit as the rally “Paris – Dakar”, but much cleaner … and with the help of the sun … durable energy and free !
It is as an inter play with the sun … that is why he used the title : “Cycling on the rythm of the sun” for his film of the Sun Trip 2 years ago.

He loves the spirit of challenge and the competitors who choose their own route (itinerary) according to the circumstances, desires, goals, physical (and linguistic) abilities.

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