Eric Morel in Guanzhou (Canton) in 52 days

52 days, 20h, 1 min and 14 sec: Team MND – Twelve Cycles – Eric Morel is in 3rd position of the 2018 solar challenge!

Already third in the 2015 Sun Trip, Eric had to tap into his reserves to maintain his rank, especially following a break engine in Kazakhstan.

He will have built his success in the steppes of Central Asia, including his record of 427 km in one day.

Note  : if Stéphane Bertrand came to reach Guangzhou before Monday, August 13 at 12AM, the latter would take the 3rd place to Eric, this to the benefit of the 2-day bonus that was granted in Xinjiang. An unlikely event, as Stéphane seems far too away from Guanzhou.

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