Eymeric Thuliez


– 27 years-old – France

Eymeric is a photovoltaic engineer fond of cycling who had a project to go round Europe by bike.

When one of his colleagues told him about the Sun Trip, he changed his plans! “It’s a project that will allow me to live an extraordinary adventure, while promoting an ecological means of transportation.”



His Solar Bike:

Bike:  ChiruBikes Divider

Trailer: Aevon Std 100

Electrical Assistance: Kit Speed de Cycloboost

Engine: XMUS 600 W

Battery:  2 batteries 48V 10,5A

Solar panels: Solbian 430 W + 120W when stopped

Solar chargers: Genasun MPPT

What makes this solar bike different is that the engine is located on the trailer wheel, not on the bike. This choice was made in order to simplify and allow me to use a standard upright bike while and centralizing almost all the electrical parts in the trailer. As for the solar power, I chose to maximize the panels to make the most of y engine’s power.

Some Words From The Adventurer…

My involvement in the SunTrip started in october 2017. At this time, I were planning a bike trip (without assistance) across Europe to discover every countries. But my plan changed for a much more exciting project:  the SunTrip. I am an engineer working in a photovoltaic company and my bosses offered me to sponsor me for this incredible aventure. So, this is without any doubt that I accepted this offer which seems to me to be a lifetime opportunity. In fact, I chose this job because it was in line with my values ​​and the SunTrip, which promotes ecomobility and the meeting of cultures, is a 100% in line with them.

So I started designing my bike in November, which left me  little time to prepare considering the scale of this project. The solar part did not cause me major problems, it’s my job after all, but the bike and assistance part was another story. Thanks to the support of the SunTrip team and other Suntrippers, I was able to solve my various problems and join the adventure.

I already visited a few countries, mostly in Africa and most of them for business purpose but I have never really traveled by bike, so this is a real first for me. I am really excited to be on the starting line for this 13000 km adventure. I have no idea of ​​the encounters and misadventures that await me and that is certainly my first motivation.

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