First article in English


Here is our first article in English. We cannot promise you to do it as regularly as we do with the French articles, but we will do our best to satisfy our friends from Erasmus, Magic and Couchsurfing who are not French speakers. Our grammar is not perfect, but the most important for us is to communicate. Anyway, if you discover some mistakes, send us a message and we will be happy to correct it.


Let’s start with the project!

Emilie and I are committed in a super cool adventure. The general idea of this project is to reach Kazakhstan from France with our solar-powered electric bike. I know, I know that you first thought is “What The Fuck!” but let me explain the How, the Why, the Who, the When, the What, the Where, ect.

How do we get this crazy idea?

Emilie was working for a public administration which was organizing an event promoting solar energy. While she was working on it she met a guy named Florian Bailly, who had been gone to Japan with a solar-powered electric bike and who was forecasting to organize the first big solar electric challenge. One day she came back at home and told me “we could go there”, I responded “Yes, sure”, she was serious, I were too, so we apply for this project.

Why did he choose Kazakhstan?

There are different reasons, one of them is because it is the closest steppes to France and when the sun provides your energy it is a good idea to travel in this kind of environment.

Who is going with you?

Currently we are almost 35 persons in the project from France, Canada, Belgium, Czech Republic and Kyrgyzstan. There are many different profiles: some people had already done many adventures all around the world, some others are very good technically and some as us are just very motivated for their first experience.

When will you leave France? And how long is your trip?

The departure is the 15th of June and we will cross the Italian border the 17th of June. The truck which will bring back our bikes, will probably leave Kazakhstan the 25th of September, so this is our deadline.

What is a solar-powered electric bike?

It is a bike, with an electric motor, powered by sun. I know this definition is perfectly clear for you 🙂 more seriously, our bikes have a motor which helps us when we pedal, which is very helpful when you tow all your stuff: to eat, to sleep and to be able to fix your bike. The motor receives the electricity from a battery which is loaded by a solar panel placed on a trailer behind the bike.

Bike motor

Where do you forecast to go?

To do it quickly: France-Italia-Slovenia-Croatia-Serbia-Roumania-Ukraine-Russia-Kazaksthan. We should come to you with a detailed map in few days.

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Guillaume & Emilie

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