First days of our trip

Le Bourget du Lac to Alberville – 95 km


First day of our trip and it was very cool. Our family and friends were at the departure, and follow us for this first day.  Some of them follow us by cars and took so many pictures that they will have to buy a new hard drive, some others were more sportive and chose to follow us by bike. Anyway, we would like to thanks all the people we were there, it was important for our first trip to feel some support from the people close to us.


Alberville to La Salle, via The Little St Bernard – 124 km

Petit St Bernard005
For this day we had to climb a 2100m mountain. Honestly I was a little bit worry on my ability and my bike capacities to do it. I arrived just after the people who are here just for the race and Emilie arrived 30 minutes later still in the first 1/3 group of the participants. This performance gave us a better picture of the possibilities of our bikes.

On the top, we had a final dinner with my family afterward we told them “ciao and see you in 3 months!”.

We started to go down to start our first real adventure.


La Salle to Saluggia – 139 km


Going from France to Kazakhstan by solar electric powered bike seems crazy for many of you but I realized it only after 3 days on my bike. Before the departure we had to manage many administrative issues so we had not time to stress, during the two first steps we were with the other competitors and our friends. The third day, on a very long straight road, we were just Emilie and I middle of nowhere in Italy I realized that riding will be our daily job for 3 months.  To be honest at this very moment I had a strange feeling but when we arrived in Saluggia to meet our first Couchsurfers all the bad feelings vanish. We were host by a family very sympathic, we spent good time, we ate very good food and we left with a nice drawing from Viola, 4 or 5 years old.  The day after I had all my motivation to ride.


Saluggia to Pavia – 118 km


Plaine du po004
Straight roads, fields of rice, straight roads, fields of rice… We could summarize 90% of the day like this, but we met two nice people when we arrived in Pavia.

The first one was an old cyclist competitor. He was very interested on the project and he asked us to stay on the parking to let him the time to fetch his camera at home. When he came back we were still there, he took a picture and give us money because he really liked the project.

The second one was our host, met on Couchsurfing, interesting guy who was hosting for the first time.

Pavia to Brescia – 136 km

Bad day. The roads were very dangerous, between Lodi and Crema it was like to ride on a motorway. The landscape doesn’t exist it is just a succession of industrial areas and small cities. We arrived in Brescia where we spent one hour to find our way because there were no sign for the direction which interested us.

Finally we arrived at our host place outside of Brescia, and for the third time in the row we were very lucky because our host is amazing. When he saw that we were not in very good position to take the road the day after he proposed us to stay at his place for a day. It was not our first plan but because of that we had the opportunity to visit Brescia which is a very nice city, sorry for you Verona we will come to you next time.



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