François Medalle & Gilles Coural

– 66 & 53 years-old –

A great adventurer and connoisseur of the Moroccan Deserts which he has already reached with his solar bike, François will be on the Sun Trip for the first time along with his friend Gilles. Both are from Southwestern France, but this great bike trip will be a first for Gilles..

The two companions will be riding a solar trike tandem that they found in Germany.

Their Solar Bike

Bike: Tandem trike Bambuk

Engine: 1 BAFANG mid-drive + 1 hub RH 205

Batteries: 48 V 11 Ah

Solar Panels: 480 Wp visible at all times.

A few words from François

Aged 4, I left the family farm. To a neighbor asking me where I am going to, I answer: I’m off to discover the world.

I spent 20 years exploring the Sahara, discovering its culture and its children.

The Touareg leader Mano Dayak became my friend, my guide.

I discovered the pleasure of pedaling in South America in the footsteps of Ernesto Che Guevara. Etchevaria, a companion of el Che, guided me in the Bolivian jungle to the scene of their last camp. Each trip was an opportunity to discover a culture, a people, customs…

The SUN TRIP will drive new discoveries, with other people, other countries, and other cultures.

A few words from Gilles

I lived a benevolent childhood surrounded by love. I was a kid full of life among scouts, a Manou and teacher guiding me step by step towards a freedom of thought while bathing myself in secularism, an adorable father, patient, sportsman, hardworking artesan and a Catalan mom full of love, daughter of a Catalan political refugee… Everything contributed to what I have become: a human being open to the world, passionate, also sporting but happily channeled by my wife GiGi for over thirty years.

Going on a trip in Sri Lanka, I asked my grandfather what he wanted me to bring him back from this far away country. He answered “Peace“.  A sign of the wisdom of a refugee radio host for the Associatio Catalunya, who had to leave the country following the Spanish Civil War in 1939.

It is a cause that is still important to me to this day.

The future is marked by family trips with our two children where we discover the world, on a motorbike, on foot or with a four-wheeler. I’m also passionate about hiking sports and mountain bikes organizing : Albi Barcelona (Méridienne Verte), Morocco, Portugal, and France obviously.

And then one day a madman (François) shows up and says “you come for a little bike ride ?” Cool, I love cycling, he announces : Chamonix-Canton and there I go blank as I realize… and give it a little thought. That guy is crazy… then, bingo! Why not !!!

We are leaving again. I will say no more.

The SUN TRIP will be a motor for new discoveries, to discover other people, other countries and other cultures with an alternative and friendly means of transport.

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