GPS report on June 25

The Sun Trip 2018 adventurers have been on the road for 6 days now.

Here you may now visualize the GPS points on our maps taking into account the earth’s curvature.

First observations: Belgian Raf Van Hulle (1st in 2013, 2nd in 2015) took over the pack. He created a gap, both with the adventurers following him on the north side of the Alps, but also with those arriving by the southern side.

To date, Raf has traveled about 1600 km (266 km per day on average). Currently in Hungary, Stéphane Bertrand has riden nearly 1400 km. He seems to be able to stay in 2nd position when the two main routes will join within a few days, in Ukraine.

Also, Bernard Cauquil’s team (2015 winner, partnered this time with his son Yann), does not manage to keep pace with the first place for the moment. The pair in ranked among the 10 teams who could rank in the Top 5 in Guangzhou. They ride an average of 200 km per day.

We can foresee that this group will be almost riding neck to neck in the Ukraine/Russia/Kazakhstan region.

Never before on a Sun Trip have we experienced such a dense cloud of participants positionning themselves on the Solar Challenge. But the adventure is only beginning.

Lagging a bit behind in Austria, we must welcome the brave mountainous course of Czech participant Michael Polak and his Swiss colleague Daniel Jenni, the sole ones to have dared to cross the Alps through its valleys. They have now arrived on the plains, joining the German cyclist Jürgen Burkholz.

From Monday, June 25, you will see that 3 teams in the South will take the direction of Turkey: Anne-Sophie & Justin, Alain & Jean-Claude, and Youssef and Mohamed Said. They will not see the others until after the Caspian Sea! They will be our ambassadors on the southern silk roads. Along with them, but as disqualified adventurer, we will also see Wai Won Ching (not present on the map, having refused the GPS beacon).

At the tail of the pack, both on the northet and southern routes, technical issues have delayed many. Michel Bamps is the most behind at the moment, making a stop at friends to rebuild several parts of his machine. Corinne, Youssef & Mohamed Said, Patrice, and François & Gilles also experienced technical challenges.

We wish them to find the right technical solutions and hope that the sun will be shining a little more in the days to come.

And a nod to our dean, Françoise Denel, who enters Slovenia today!

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