Gregory Lewyllie

– 47 years-old –

A dreamer, a globetrotter, a reporter – Gregory Lewyllie suffers from an incurable disease: dromomania, an irresistible obsession. ‘Dromo‘ comes from the greek root ‘dromos‘ that means ‘to run’, and ‘mania‘ which means ‘disease’.

For over a decade, Gregory left for long cycling trips. His second participation to the Sun Trip will be a fantastic adventure for him. When he gets to Guangzhou, he will head back to Belgium by bike. Actually, he also went back home by bike after his first participation to the Sun Trip in 2013. Moreover, he will ride this time on a homemade bamboo bike.


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His Solar Bike

Gregory likes to take part in the Sun Trip with his own creations. In 2013, he had a lot of issues with his bike, mostly with the trailer that was way to heavy and wasn’t designed for backcountry riding. This served as a lesson.

This time, he will probably have the most ecological bike of the pack !

A Few Word From The Adventurer…

Many dream about it, but Gregory really does it: he realizes his dreams! Ten years ago, he began his first big trip, a journey that lasted almost three years through just about every country in Latin America. Afterwards, he set out to discover Slovenia, Morocco, Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan by bike… In 2013, he took part in the very first edition of the Sun Trip. It was for him an ideal opportunity to discover a whole part of Asia. He went home 15 months later. From the memories gathered on all these trips, he writes reports and holds lectures. This time, the 100-days trip will be for him a 450-days trip, since from China, he will return home by bike. Once again, it will be an adventure! You can follow him on SolarBikeTour.

You wonder if I’m still working? Yes, I work! Half of my time, I teach computer literacy for adults and the other half, I am responsible for communication.

When I’m not working, I’m riding a bike. Life can be so simple!

My outlook on life:
‘Live today knowing that tomorrow everything can be ended forever’.

‘Cycling is not a goal for me ,but a way to move from one place to another.’

‘I ride a bike like a kid and I collect the pieces of a puzzle from a country and its people to make a colorful patchwork.’

‘Every time I arrive in a new country or a distant city, it seems to me like an encounter with a beloved person, it’s like a discovery with all my senses as a guide.’

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