Herman Segers

– 55 years-old –

Herman is an experienced traveler who already walked thousands of kilometers : the Pacific Crest Trail (USA, 4250 km), the Via Alpina (Alps, 2000 km), the Te Araroa trail (New Zealand, 2400 km), etc.

He also reached the North Cape by bicycle and was aiming for the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa with his new recumbent bike.

But that was before meeting Raf Van Hulle… Then without hesitation, he decided change his course and head East, joining the pack of the Lyon-Canton Sun Trip!

The Solar Bike:

Recumbent Trike: ICE Sprint 26 RS/FS
Motor:  Cristalite HT3525
Battery: 48 Volt 20 Ah LiFePo4
Solar panels: Soltech in Tienen, 2 panels 132 x 80 cm, 217 Wp, 60 solar cells with total 434 Wp, 120 solar cells visible while riding.

This is only a try out to see how the bike reacts with the extra weight of the solar panels and I was positively surprised by the stability.
After this I tried also with a sail and it almost looked like a Batmobile, but it was not what I expected.
Now I think I know how to make it, but it’s still in progress.

Some words from the adventurer…

In 2000, I wanted to visit someone near Amsterdam, so I decided to go by bike and after I arrived there, I enjoyed it so much that I drove further around the Netherlands for 2 more weeks.

The following year, I bought myself a recumbent bike for a 5000 km trip to the North Cape where I saw so much light and sun, enough to keep a good mood for 10 years in my feeling…

I always was a fan of very long distances, first on foot. In the 90’s, I was intrigued by the GR paths when I realized that by following the red and white marks, I could go anywhere on beautiful trails. So i walked from my home place in Belgium to Switzerland and Austria.
In Canada, I walked the Telegraph trail, in America the Pacific Crest Trail (4250 km), in the Alps the Via Alpina (2000 km) and in New Zealand 2400 km of the Te Araroa trail. Between that, I also walked to Santiago de Compostela from Belgium.

This year, I bought myself a new trike because the other recumbent was old and used. I like it so much I already rode 6000 km in half a year!

I also saw the possibility to use the trike with solar panels and like that also have complete independence over the autonomy without depending on electricity.
My thoughts where to cross Africa, to South Africa.

Then, I met Raf Van Hulle in Mechelen who told me about the Sun Trip to China.
Now i’m preparing the trike to join the Sun trip because I like the aspect of doing it with others. I realize I always ride always or very much alone, but it is not really like that because I feel connected with the group although we are not together.
I know that because in America, doing the PCT, when I met the people and I saw the trail of the boots of my fellow walkers, I felt connected.

That’s why I believe the concept of starting and ending at least one day together realizes the bonding, what makes everyone mentally stronger.


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