Innovating With Solar Bicycles – Grin Technologies Partner of the Sun Trip

The 2018 edition of the Sun Trip will result in an unprecedented partnership with canadian ebike expert Justin Lemire-Elmore and his company Grin Technologies: a DataBox collecting and analysing performance data of all our solar machines!

For almost ten years now, solar bikes have been designed and riden all over the globe. This technology is still only in its infancy. As a matter of fact, apart from a few technophiles, there is virtually no global performance database for data such as solar production, engine consumption, average speed, etc.

The Sun Trip is a great opportunity to try and test improvements in the field of solar mobility technologies and stimulate manufacturers to get involved. In the light of these observations, we partnered with Justin Lemire-Elmore in order to equip the 2018 Sun Trip participants with an autonomous databox.

This tool will record a series of data in real time:

  • Geolocation Data (instant and average speed, elevation, etc.)
  • Solar Production (voltage, A, Wh, etc. )
  • Electric Consumption (voltage, A, Wh, etc. )

This DataBox will use little power and will be small enough to be tucked in the battery compartment or positioned outside. It will be fitted with a display and microSD data storage.

Two sensors will collect data around the battery:

  • one in series with the solar charging;
  • one in series with the motor discharge.

Grin Technologies is thus becoming an Official Partner on the Sun Trip 2018. As such, they will be granted a license to use this data for research and development and further the cause of new mobilities in North America.

There is also an opportunity for the Technical Team to use the information gathered by the Databox to resolve any arising dispute, although it is not its primary purpose.

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