story 1: So for the first couple of days of #thesuntrip2018 i have been pushing hard and spending a lot of time in the saddle. I have been experiencing horrible saddle pain thanks to my cheap rubbish one! I decided i HAD to buy something more suitable for 12000km.

Brooks saddles are very expensive but widely know to be the best saddles for long distance touring. I cycled into Munich to find a place to reluctantly buy a new Brooks saddle. I went to the bike shop “VELO COMPANY” and explained my situation and a little about my adventure. After test riding a Brooks saddle i knew it would make a huge difference.

When i went to pay the manager of the store entered the price into the till and said “okay so on this purchase you receive a 99% discount… so you owe €1.20” THANK YOU VELO COMPANY your help will really save a pain in my a$$ and saved me 2 weeks of budget which makes a huge difference to me.


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1 Commentaire for “Jack : PEOPLE ARE GREAT”


dit :

les gens gentils reçoivent de la gentilesse. tu le merites. Et je suis content que tu sois réapparu, les cauquil (ces affreux) ont fait une horrible mise en scene (lol) pour dire que tu avais disparu…. Ils sont farceurs…..

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