July 19 Statement

For the last three days and with the agreement of the organizers, Stéphane Bertrand has taken a road parallel to the main itinerary crossing Xinjiang in China. Every day, he was routinely controlled by the police but could always continue forward. Today, he informed us that the police has prevented him from going forward on this road, in a region that is apparently not open to foreigners. He was forced to turn around and go backwards. The organizers are in touch with him and looking for a swift solution. We’ll keep you informed.

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1 Commentaire for “July 19 Statement”

Hans Keesom

dit :

Assuming there was no way he could know this/avoid this and it is no user/material error, I think it is fait he can take a local truck that bring him next to MICKAEL JOGUET who was in third position behind him earlier.

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