JURY’S CHOICE: Jack Butler ! 

The organizing team chooses to award its youngest participant Englishman Jack Butler its Jury’s prize, thus recognizing his polyvalence as a Suntripper.

This award underlines the consistent communication efforts of adventurers who managed to recharge %100 with solar energy.

The Sun Trip Team especially enjoyed Jack’s talent in producing videos (even sometimes using a drone) and his clever use of visual social media such as Youtube and Instagram.

This award also raises a hat to Thierry Rassat, Romain Neauport, Michael Polák and Laurent Souchet. Each with their own ways, they shared the Sun Trip spirit in their communication, for our fans and followers’ delight.

Bravo! And thanks to each and every adventurer who took the time to share their adventures.

J'aime, je partage! *** Sharing is Caring
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