Justin Lemire-Elmore & Anne-Sophie Rodet

36 & 37 years-old

Originally from Vancouver, Justin is one of the most well-known personalities of the e-bike field worldwide! Inventor of the CycleAnalyst , he gathers a huge community of technology and new mobility fans. His participation in 2018 is a major factor for the Sun Trip as he is a strong ambassador for the project overseas.

Anne-Sophie is most famous for her unicycling exploits in Patagonia (4600km) but also for her mountain unicycle crossing of the Alps on single tracks and fairly technical terrain.

Their solar bike

The vehicle that we are building is a back-to-back tandem tricycle with a forwards pedaling and backward rowing station. That’s a mouthful, but it makes sense! Having one person row while the other pedals enables us to vary the exercise during the trip so that we aren’t always doing the same repetitive motion all day long. Plus, rowing is an activity that both Justin and An’So enjoy, and we hope this will give us very good training for some rowing adventures on the ocean later in the summer!

The back to back geometry allows us to have our heads nearer together for conversation during the trip and provides a total 360 degree view of everything going on. And for the person rowing, it’s totally normal to be facing backwards to the motion, so we’re used to that 😉 The propulsion will use dual hub motors on each of the front drive wheels, and we will use a tilting roof structure for the solar panels, with an equally important role of providing us shade through these hot countries.

Build details are covered in this thread on the Endless Sphere e-bike forum

A few words from Justin…

I grew up in the town of Sooke, BC, and then moved to Vancouver for University. That’s where I built my first electric bicycle in 2003 as a UBC engineering physics student. I lived at the bottom of a long hill and savored the idea of having some extra power on the bike to help get me to morning classes. That first ride experience to school with an electrified bike was everything I’d wished and more, and it was immediately clear that this was a transportation concept that could change the world. With a background and interest in power electronics and a love for tinkering and exploring new ideas, ebike technology quickly became my life’s calling.
We started a university club to promote ebikes, and later formed a business (Grin Technologies, aka ebikes.ca) which has slowly grown to 20+ staff supplying thousands of people all over the world with parts for homemade electric bicycle conversions. We love the community of creative people and the original projects that they build, and try to make unique parts that are fun for people who are doing things outside of the box. The SunTrip race fits this definition perfectly; it’s crazy, audacious, and wild, full of DIY builds that push the boundaries of what an ebike can do.   We’ve helped Suntrip teams in the past with various components and design decisions, and it’s exciting to now be a participant ourselves.
The 2018 SunTrip is special for a few reasons. It marks the 10 years from when I rode an ebike across Canada back in 2008, when long distance ebike trips were unheard of, and it will be neat to witness how much the acceptance of ebikes has evolved since then. It also connects two parts of the world that are personal. Lyon, France, is the family hometown of my partner Anne-Sophie, and the Guanghzhou area of China is where so many components and supplies in the ebike industry are manufactured, and a place I also visit frequently.  The idea of threading these two locations together with a solar powered tandem ebike trip seemed too good to be true.

A few words from Anne-Sophie…

I’m 37 years-old. I grew up near Grenoble then in Aix-en-Provence and moved to Vancouver, BC ten years ago. I’m a graphic designer and writer. I’m into unicycling and got introduced to touring by friends that same year when we went touring though Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. I realized that I was more into self-supported adventures where you are more independent and can adapt to whatever happens around you instead of something strictly planned so in 2013, I rode on my own 4500km through Patagonia on one wheel. Crazy machines with motors are more Justin‘s things but I’m excited to go on such a trip with Justin and also to be part of event that has so many interesting people involved in it.
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