Kazakhstan to build 34 green-power stations by 2020

Friday, February 22, 2013 – Kazakhstan is increasing investment in the alternative energy sector as it looks to lessen dependence on oil and gas.

Thirty-four green power generation projects will be implemented throughout the vast country, the Kazakh ministry of industry and new technologies said in a statement published on its web site on Thursday.

The plans expand upon the announcement delivered earlier this month, when oversight for the alternative energy sector was moved from the environment ministry to the ministry of industry and new technologies (MINT).

The 34 projects will be a mix of wind, hydropower, and solar stations. According to the document, 13 of the projects will be wind energy plants which are expected to generate 1,081 megaWatts (MW) of power. Seventeen hydropower plants will be built, which will generate 205.45 MW of energy. Four solar stations will produce 76 MW.

More infos : http://www.universalnewswires.com/centralasia/viewstory.aspx?id=13687

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