Michael : adventures in Almaty

3 days before yesterday (2018/08/11) I travelled 135 km at average speed of 20.3 km/h and average power consumption of 8.3 Wh/km. I reached the #thesuntrip2018 base camp at the Almaty Hostel Dom.

I spent two days (2018/08/12 and 2018/08/13) doing repairs of my solar bike at Almaty Hostel Dom. Packages with spare parts were already waiting for me there…

Yesterday (2018/08/14) I had decided I need a break from #thesuntrip2018 rallye and joined a group of three other travellers from Hostel to hike in the mountains. In the cycling shoes (!), I climbed to 3300 m at one point, but the photo shows me at peak of just cca 3150 m or so.

See you again, Almaty!


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