Michael : one week in china (part II)

On my 4th day in China, it was very cloudy and even rain two nights in a row, so I was charging my at motorway service/rest area near the city of Kuitun


my 5th day in China (2018/08/23) I travelled 209 km at average speed of 23.1 km/h and average power consumption of 6.9 Wh/km. I have passed through 4 police checkpoints and reached the edge of the city of Urumchi

On my 6th day (2018/08/24) in China (Xinjiang region) I travelled just 38 km at average speed of 13.2 km/h and power consumption of 8.1 Wh/km. I reached the youth hostel in the center of the city of Urumchi


on my 7th day (2018/08/25) in China (Xinjiang region), I travelled 199 km at average speed of 29.5 km/h and power consumption of 5.2 Wh/km. It was very pleasant downhill ride powered also by tailwind. I reached the oasis of Turpan in the Gobi desert


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dit :

mickael le voyage sans pression mais tu avances quand meme, la simplicité d’un voyage que l’on sent léger ( ce n’est peut être pas le cas au quotidien mais c’est l’impression qu’il donne). Bonne route à toi et bon courage

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