Mickael Joguet

38 years-old – France

A brillant participant of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region Sun Trip Tour 2017, he’s taking himself to the next level and should perform well in 2018!

As Environmental Consultant and an adept of electric mobilities, Michael is like a fish in the water on the Sun Trip adventure.

His Solar Bike

Bicycle: Recumbent Nazca Pioneer

Engine: SunTravel Direct drive 203 mm

Trailer: SunTravel 220 W

Solar Panel: Bike rooftop 150 W

A Few Words from the Adventurer…

After several years of metro-work-sleep in Paris, I subscribed to the Velib’ and realized that I go almost everywhere on my bike. Then, I discovered electric bikes which allowed me to get to my office in the morning without a sweat!

Today, I’m a consultant in the fields of environment and energy. I move around mainly with my foldable electric bike – that I put on the train to get to my customers throughout France, hence the name of my company: The Little Bike.

In July-August 2015, I went around the UK with a recumbent bike fitted with a sail (the whike). In July 2017, I bought a Suntravel trailer to take part in the Sun Trip Tour. In 2018, I would like to ride Lyon-Canton in 60 days.

The Sun Trip demonstrates that there are ways to move without petrol without being an athlete, and that’s what motivates me.



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