Youssef El Haouass & Mohamed Said Jebarri

– 50 & 38 years-old – Morocco

This fantastic pair will be the first team of African origin to take part in the Sun Trip.

The two friends will rely on a unique tandem that will allow Mohamed to ride despite a handicap. He contracted polio at a young age and that left him with a leg disability.



Their Solar Bike

We chose to name our solar trike in the honour of a great traveler from the Middle Ages.
Engine: eZee 500W
Solar panels: 4 panels 135 Wp 92 cm * 80 cm
Structure in stainless steel tubes. Estimated weight: 75 kg.

A Few Words From the Adventurers…

Mohamed Said Jebarri :

When I was 2 years old, I contracted poliomyelitis. I did not want my disability to be a barrier between society and me. I quickly integrated and accepted my disability, turning to the practice of wheelchair basketball with a local team. We were able to win several national and international titles!

Three years ago, I met Youssef and a new friendship and partnership were born.

Youssef El Haouass :

I have extensive experience in Mechanical Engineering. Five years ago, I fell in love with recumbent bikes when I saw one on the Internet. I decided to design and build my, with my own vision and design. Since then, I have designed some more models including two for people with disabilities.

In 2016, Mohamed Said and I traveled the distance connecting the city of Guelmim in Southern Morocco to that of Khemisset in the center, in twelve days or 1260 km, with two tricycles, one of which was adapted for a disabled person.

In 2017, we travelled between the city of Laayoune in Southern Morocco and Fnideq in the far North, or 2000 km in 15 days, with two different recumbent bikes designed for the event.

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