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Directed by Sun Trip founder Florian Bailly, these movies retrace the history of the Sun Trip adventure to its beginnings on the first great solar bike adventure between France and Japan in 2010, then the first solar bike rally from France to Kazakhstan in 2013, the Expo to Expo loop Milan-Antalya-Milan (Italy-Turkey) in 2015  and finally the New Silk Roads edition from Lyon to Canton in 2018.

Sun Trip 2018 – Lyon > Canton

Sun Trip 2015 – L’Aventure à vélos solaires

Created partly with images filmed by Technical Director Guillaume Devot and by participants themselves, this film combine emotion, humor and performance, going from one adventurer and from one country to another all along the 7 000 km 2015 course Milan-Antalya-Milan.

In 52 minutes and with English subtitles, it will take you (back) to the atmosphere of an uncommon and unique adventure where solar energy allows Mankind to experience the world differently.

Sun Trip 2013 – La route des steppes

On June 15, 2013, 31 men and women from very diverse backgrounds and age groups take the start of the firs edition of the Sun Trip, an eco-adventure for solar bikes with participants free to decide their course between Savoy in France and Astana in Kazakhstan. This movie takes us back to the atmosphere of the race and allows us to grasp the unprecedented human epic on the Central Asian steppes. In joy and in suffering, from laughter to tears, adventurers give a face to solar mobility and build the myth of an event that is only hoping to grow.

France-Japan 2010 – Sur la route du soleil levant

The 10 000 km adventure of Florian Bailly between France and Japan was the first great solar bike trip. It demonstrated in 2010 already that it is possible to go far and wide with such a machine regardless of deserts, mountains and the challenges of the journey.

This solo adventure was the basis of the solar bike rally idea that gave birth to The Sun Trip two months later.

In solitude in the Central Asian deserts, I had the idea of a more collective adventure.

 – Florian Bailly

Starting on Mount Fuji slopes in Japon, this 60 minutes feature movie tells the story of the early stage of the great solar bicycle travel dream.

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