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– 56 years-old –

Electric mobility has a long standing history with Paul. 25 years ago, he worked in the field of lithium batteries. Bought in 1995, his first e-bike even had a lead battery! In 2008, he got himself a lithium-based ebike. More recently, he got involved in domestic solar production.

In 2009, he underwent a heart transplant and managed to practice sports again like when he was yonger. In 2013, he climbed a submit over 6000 meters in the Andes mountains, a record for a heart transplantee! 

In 2018, in a heartbeat, he becomes the last addition to the Sun Trip adventure. An unusual challenge that will get our hearts racing all around the world…

Official Team

Oscaro Power  is an e-commerce site belonging to the OSCARO group.

For years, Oscaro has been trying to democratize automobile mechanics and make it accessible to all. Building today on our experience, we now propose to take back your home energy production

Oscaro-Power aims to support all individuals wishing to start their energy transition with a new offer: direct use of self-produced electricy. Our goal is to widen this subject and allow people to control their energy, from production to sale.

To acheive this, we offer a full range of services and DIY systems. Of course, we will accompany our clients on their your journey towards a more responsible energy production. From sizing your installation to its setup, you can rely on our expert team’s knowledge and advice.

Finally, it is soon a whole community of enthusiasts who will be ready to discuss with you this energetic (r)evolution.

By supporting Paul Baudry’s team, wants to take part in a project combining human aspects, solar energy and batteries, promoting solar mobility and the all types of fixes, be them mechanical or… surgical!

More Information :

His Solar Bike

Recumbent trike rather than bicycle, I equipped a Catrike Expedition with 350 Wp Solbian solar panels, 150 Wp of which being on the trike and the remaining 200 Wp bein on a two-wheel trailer.

The lithium-ion battery consists of two Li-MNC 11 Ah at 48 V nominal (54 V max and 42 V min).

A Few Words From The Adventurer…

By using photovoltaics with powerful batteries to travel thousands of kilometers, I somehow experiment with the technologies during of my professional life for a life-size usage. It’s a great pleasure to ride thanks to on-demand battery-stored solar energy.  This technology combination has a future ahead, I am convinced.

I am also delighted that my partner Oscaro Power is contributing to domestic solar DIY as an attractive and economic option. As for solar mobility, it’s a bit abstract to the general public, but the Sun Trip is a pilot project.

Yes, this solar trip is a great adventure, with its unknown parameters that are at its core: mechanical issues, changing weather, physical abilities, mental resistance, road hazards, large land areas and cosmopolitan encounters …

The goal I set for myself is to reach Guangzhou (Canton) within 100 days, a realistic goal but already ambitious for me. I got myself ready as best as I could. Although I regularly practice sporting activities since my transplant, I hope that my stamina will suffice. I expect that the right balance of effort and recovery time will be one of the keys to my success.

Finally, I hope to share this adventure with those who will follow me, and thus make you travel with me a little. My participation in the Sun Trip is also an opportunity to promote physical activity among transplanted people and testify on the realities of transplantation. I will get to it during the trip.

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