An Van Dyck
Peter Helsen

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get but after rain comes sunshine.

38 & 42 years

Hello, we are An Van Dyck and Peter Helsen. We have 2 daughters aged 14 and 15.

Peter is a test engineer at Atlas Copco and An is store manager in Okay Store.

Because we are bitten by the electric bicycle virus, we are joining the Sun Trip 2017 this year. To us, making this trip completely on solar energy is a challenge we want to take.

An has a rebuilt trekking bike of Gazelle. Peter has a rebuilt mountain bike Gary Fisher. The trailer with foldable solar panels is 100 Watt while riding and 400Watt peak while resting. . We look forward to meeting everyone and making a fantastic unforgettable trip.


Upright bicycles

Vélo / Bike

Front wheel :  Geared Mac 12T
Rear wheel : Gearless Crystalyte HT3525
Moteur / Engine

LiFePO4 48V 20Ah
Batterie / Battery

400 Wp foldable solar panels
Solaire / Solar


J'aime, je partage! *** Sharing is Caring
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