Ryan Gillespie

LEVA Certified electric bike technician and independent sales representative

24 year-old

I came here because the solar car competitions happening worldwide are not capturing the essence of sustainable transportation, because they are not practical in the real world. Solar e-bikes are practical everyday solutions to a problem that otherwise doesn’t have one.

I am here testing a prototype of what I believe could displace all internal combustion mopeds, and based on the results of this tour, I will be building a pre-production solar bike for the exciting and rapidly developing light electric vehicle market.  In the future, I believe that all vehicles will be electric, and I want to make sure they all have solar panels on them.


Custom Frankenstein Mountain Bike 
Vélo / Bike

GnG belt reduction mid-drive with White Industries freewheel
Moteur / Engine

4*12V 7Ah LiPO4 in series
Batterie / Batteries

6* Moohoo 50W monocristalline semi-flexible
Solaire / Solar


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