Team France Passion with AZUB – Corinne Courvalin


– 67 years-old – France

Corinne recently crossed Canada with an electric bicycle. She barely rested and immediately added photovoltaic modules on her machine, bracing herself for another cross continent trip across Eurasia by solar bike.

Her project and her strength of character convinced Guangzhou-based France Passion to support her official team. And cherry on top, the famous Azub Recumbents act as her technical partner! 

Ata girl!

Official Team : France Passion

Created in June 2016, FRANCE PASSION (FP) aims to promote French culture to a Chinese audience in a friendly way.

Its mission is to bridge between Chinese and French cultures. This mission is articulated around four main axes: French language, cultural activities, educational cooperation and professional exchanges.

Official website: Passion France


Her Solar Bike:

Bike: recumbent AZUB 6 (loaned by AZUB) whose name is Little Prince, with front and rear suspension & disc brakes.

The gearbox is at the front where the crankset is. It’s a 9-speed PINION system
The bike has 2 luggage racks, the one below containing the 2 batteries. The rear wheel is the hub engine.

Trailer: monowheel Christian Touzé 100L, 5.9 kg, made in Grenoble with fibers and composite resins, lockable. It has no suspension. Thereforem the bike + trailer has 3 wheels in line.

Engine: rear hub engine. The system has an accelerator on the handlebars and regen braking.

Batteries: 2 * 48V. These 2 batteries are powered by 2 Genasun MPPT (53.9V) connected to the solar panels

Solar panels: 3 * 118 Wp on the trailer. The panels are fitted on an aluminum frame, which is itself attached to 2 carbon supports attached to the trailer. Surface exposed while rolling: 2 * 80 * 88 cm, the 3rd panel being superimposed to be deployed at a standstill.

Technical Partner

Founded in 2000 and Czech Republic based, AZUB is a well-known player of the European Recumbent Cycles scene, bikes and trikes alike.

At AZUB, we aim high and draw on our vast experience. We ride our bicycles in a variety of conditions. We strive to understand your needs and develop our bikes accordingly.

We build bikes, it’s simple. And we love it.

Website: Azub Recumbents

Association Petits Princes

Created in 1987, the Petits Princes Association achieves dreams of seriously ill children and adolescents. The specificity of the Petits Princes Association focuses on two essential points:
• For the same child, many dreams can be realized
• They support for the whole family
The average cost of a child’s dream is €1500. I have 13 000km to do and I took the challenge to manage to collect one euro per km or €13 000 €.

With your help, we can achieve 9 dreams of seriously ill children, so please HELP ME!

Association Website

Some Words From The Adventurer…

After crossing Canada by bike with an AZUB 6 ebike with a BIONX motor hub in 2016, I was eager to ride again, but where to? The 2017 Bicycle Touring Festival brought the Sun Trip to me. Next departure: June 2018, Lyon-Guangzhou, I decided to register, thinking that this was only for young people and to my surprise, I was selected and here I am, part of the adventure!

I live in the Paris area, in Vésinet. I am married and I have 3 children (Édouard, Aude and Cécile). I am 67 years old, I am an agricultural engineer and I have just retired as a food safety auditor.

I’m leaving by myself (unfortunately, my husband does not like to cycle). Being very athletic but overweight, this journey is a challenge and a way to try to age well.

Building the trailer with solar panels has been complicated, probably due to a lack of competence on my part in this area. It took me 4 times redesign it and get to the current version with which I will leave. I must say that without the help of Sun Trip 2015 participant (Yannick, AKA MacGyver), I would not have made it to the departure line.

Personal goals: my success will be

  • To Finish the Suntrip within a reasonable time (but what is a reasonable time?)
  • To fundraise 13 000 € (1 € per km) for Petits Princes Association for which I ride

Private Sponsors

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