Patrice met up a legend among our fans.

Patrice Plozner is still riding %100 Solar Energy and Sun Trip spirit. Back on Turkish roads, he met up with our friend Türkoğlu Necmettin. 5 years earlier on the first Sun Trip edition, we met him by chance as he was pouring his joy and generosity on 3 participants heading towards Kazakhstan.

Simple moments filled with emotions, as touching as true human contacts are. Beyond performance, adverse winds and never ending roads, selfies and bike adventure hassles, it is meeting people that makes the Sun Trip’s heart beat fast.

This man and his family symbolizes this friendship between peoples that all Suntrippers cherish :

We are people and we love people

May these simple yet strong words resonate more than ever after the Pamir Highway attack and the immense sadness and grief that the extended Sun Trip family is bearing.

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