The Sun Trip Association

The association is the link between the Sun Trip participants and their friends.

Its purpose is to help design and conduct the next Sun Trip editions by supervising their volunteers. Overseen by former Suntrippers, it manages the participants community and collects their experiences through different countries in order to share with a wider audience the spirit of the Sun Trip.


Our Ambitions


  • Share the adventure emotions to a wide audience
  • Build practical feedback on electrosolar mobility
  • Open the Sun Trip to those whose disability or disease make the experience magnificently self-transcendent


Facebook Group for the Association


A Word From the President


With the immense distance traveled and the freedom of itinerary & cycle design, the Sun Trip is a unique chance to live and share emotions. That’s why I have chosen to invest myself among my companions of adventure, in the Association, so that this chance is transmitted through encounters and surpassing oneself, by force of Example, the beauty of the world and of humanity shall never be forgotten.

Cedric Vinatier, President, L’association du Sun Trip

J'aime, je partage! *** Sharing is Caring
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