Our Team



Florian Bailly

Founder of the Sun Trip & CEO of the Sun Trip Company


Professional communicator & documentary film director, Florian Bailly already roamed twice around Eurasia with his bicycle: in 2006 from France to the Chinese border and in 2010, France-Japan by solar electric bicycle, a 10 000 km four months solo trip. The latter is what triggered the Sun Trip initiative launched in 2013 with the creation of the Sun Trip Company and its partner non-profit organization, Aventure à Énergie Renouvelable.

During my solo 2010 trip in the Central asian steppes that I first imagined the Sun Trip, a modern collective adventure to showcase new forms of mobility as a symbol of freedom and sharing. With our two first editions and 60 Sun Trip pioneers, we created this unique world event from scratch. I wish to see the Sun Trip sustain itself in the next few years both at the regional level and on the farthest roads of the world. The adventure is only beginning!



Guillaume Devot

 Technical Director

Sun Trip 2013 participant along with his partner Angélique, Guillaume became our Technical Director for the Sun Trip 2015 but was also taking images on the roads of Turkey. As an e-bike and solar bikes expert (Declic-eco & La Sun Travel), he’s one of the executives on the Sun Trip Team.


Thomas Pollet

Active Member

Suntripper in 2015, he was a favorite for sharing his ups and downs with videos and his improvised duo with Tom Papay. Thomas joined the team as soon as the second edition was over. Architect by trade, the Nord native is an active member of the non-profit organization, helping with the Sun Trip Tour 2017 design and the mentoring team next July.


Olivier Reginensi

Active Member

Sixth of Sun Trip 2015 solar challenge, Olivier wanted to extend his experience by getting involved in preparing the Sun Trip Tour 2017. As an engineer, he puts his knowledge to profit with a fresh look on our technical issues and precision in the adventure regulations. Next July, he will ride his solar bike to help newcomers and be part of the adventure mentoring team.

Sylvain Machefert

Active Member

As an early follower and a notable Suntripper in 2013, he became in charge of software and communication tools in 2015. He’s our resource person when it comes to Internet and geolocation. He will be present in July 2017 on the Auvergne stages such as Le-Puy-en-Velay, his hometown, with his musician friends.

Cédric Vinatier

President of The Sun Trip Non-Profit Organization

A Sun Trip hero in 2013 than Sun Trip Team member in 2015, Cédric recently took over the Sun Trip non-profit, aiming to bring to life the suntripper’s family feeling. Participants from the different editions are brought together congenially to federate energies and promote the values carried by our adventure.

Anick-Marie Bouchard

Webmaster & Translator

Participant in 2013 then General Coordinator in 2015, Anick-Marie (aka la Globestoppeuse) is pursuing her experience in solar eco-mobility taking care of the website and sharing her expertise with social media. She will accompany the Sun Trip Tour 2017 from behind her computer keyboard.

Angélique Galvaing

2018 Project Officer

Originally from Auvergne, Angelique is specialized in International Development and knows China well.  She chose to join the Sun Trip adventure in order to prepare the next great edition!


« The Sun Trip » adventure is driven by FBCOM – Sun Trip Company, 17 Lac Léman avenue, BP 411, 73370 Le Bourget du Lac (France).

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