Stage 4 Summary – Val d’Isère to Lausanne through the Little and the Great St-Bernard Passes

As programmed with the Val d’Isère Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Show the Sun Trip Tour departed from the resort center simultaneously with the ebike climb of the Col de l’Iseran. Ce fut donc l’occasion de dire au-revoir à nos amis, fans et anciens participants qui nous avaient rejoint sur cette étape. Still within the scope of the , the Sun Trip Tour took a departure from the city center simultaneously with the climbing of the Iseran VAE. It was an opportunity to say goodbye to our friends, fans and the former participants who had joined us on this stage.

The climb of the Little Saint-Bernard was fiercely undertaken by Mickaël Joguet who wanted to test the limits of his machine. Arrivals at the top of the pass followed one another at a constant pace on this historic site for the Sun Trip 2013 – France-Kazakhstan. The pioneer cohort had shard there one last meal before the actual departure for the Solar Challenge rewarding overall speed.

Unlike on the First Edition, participants were now expected to have sufficient energy to climb the Great St. Bernard Pass between Italy and Switzerland on the same day. But our cyclists were already enjoying the mountains and enjoyed themselves even more in those grandiose alpine landscapes. All but two could reach the Casa Don Angelo near the top of the pass, an optional stopover for the night. And then, surprise! Adalberto, dean of the 2015 Edition, joined us again for an emotional accolade before returning home in Santhià, 40 kilometers further down in the Po river plain.

The last ones arrived at 8:55 PM, five minutes before the cut-off time. Sushil Reddy and David from the Smile Team were all smiles at their own feat. Slower and more cautious riders, Claude Lagriffoul and the Vecolo Team waited until the next day to go across the mountains.

In the foggy morning, the pack rode together the last few kilometers to the top of the pass. On the way down, the group dispersed over the 45 kilometer ride until the Lake Geneva plain despite a a strong head wind. The challenging parts of this Sun Trip regional Tour were then behind.


On the Place des fêtes in Lutry and in collaboration with the waterfront city, members of the Pro Vélo association joined us for the arrival parade on a diverse set of cycles – including cargo bikes, recumbent trikes and an astonishing rowing recumbent bike.

On the place de la Riponne in Lausanne, the pack was welcomed on an event coordinated by the Services industriels de Lausanne in the presence of Jean-Yves Pidoux, Director of the Services industriels de Lausanne, Laurent Balsiger, Director of Energy on Canton de Vaud and Florian Bailly, Directeur of the Sun Trip. Aso noteworty was the presence of the Tandem Lausanne shop and the SSES-RSO association. Thank you all to have made this event a great success!

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