Statement – June 20, 2018

The day after the Sun Trip 2018 start proper in Chamonix on Tuesday June 19, the Sun Trip organization team releases its first official statement.

1. Out of 41 adventurers whose participation had been validated on this 2018 edition, there were finally 36 departing participants.

2. The non-starters are as follows:

  • Andrei Chiver (Romania): surrendered before the official departure without a legitimate motive.
  • Pierre Laprade (France): retired before the official departure for medical reason.

3. The withdrawals are as follows:

  • Michel Olchewsky (France): withdrew before start proper, for medical reasons.
  • Lizhao Hou (China): withdrew before start proper. More information to come in the following days.

4. It should be noted that Wai Won Ching (Singapore) missed the official start in Lyon and only joined the group in Chamonix on June 18. Notified of his decision, the organizing team immediately told him that he would be excluded from all the optional challenges of the Sun Trip 2018. He was still to be counted as an official participant.

Then, upon departure, Wai Won Ching refused to have the GPS beacon (Spot) installed on his machine. This beacon being a fundamental participant safety and communication for the event, the organizing team decided to disqualify Wai Won Ching.

In case of emergency, he may count on the logistical support and the diplomatic networks of the Sun Trip organization. The organization may choose to share some news from him occasionally, if he produces some.

5. Upon performing the technical inspections, the organization team confirms the compliance of all the solar bikes.

6. Following an accidental crash between two participants at the Lyon official departure, the organization team followed the adventure regulations and set up an arbitration committee in charge of providing a response to the dispute. The procedure is still in progress. The organizing team reserves the right to disclose the outcomes of the arbitration committee at a later time.

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