Statement : Raf Van Hulle / Stéphane Bertrand

Statement – July 2 2018,

The Sun Trip Organizer had to handle a dispute opposing two participants.
An accidental collision occurred between the two participants during the Lyon departure, causing damage to one of Raf’s solar panels (the one he deploys when he’s not riding). This 200 Wp solar panel was damaged and produced then only 75 Wp which means a loss of 154 Wp.

Raf requested that Stéphane refunds integrally the damaged panel, which was done cash in hand, and the emergency purchase of a 120 Wp foldable panel.
Raf also asked the organization to issue a time penalty to Stéphane, to compensate for the disadvantage incurred by this accident and by his choice to leave behind the damaged panel.
As per the Adventure Regulations, an arbitration panel was reunited in Chamonix on June 18.

This panel settled for a 3 days (42 hours riden) penalty for Stéphane in relation to Raf, calculated upon arrival, if and only if Stéphane arrived before Raf.

But due to a procedural defect, this first decision has not been ratified. The problem is, the committee neglected to gather together all the members I had appointed and who had been accepted by both parties.

Note that Stéphane disagreed with the calculation method used to determinate this 3 days penalty.

Please also note that Raf later decided not to keep the additional 120 Wp panel, judging it too heavy and not adapted to his machine, and left it in Martigny, Switzerland (just after the start proper). Therefore, he rides with 2 panels, instead of 3.

The organizer has asked the arbitration panel to reflect again on the situation, integrating all the originally designated members.

The panel finally handed down the attached decision, ultimately relying on the organizer’s decision.

On this basis, taking into account the arguments of both parties as well as the complex management of this dispute, the organizer takes responsibility and settles for a compromise, reducing the initial penalty to 7 hours (half a cycling day).

This time penalty for Stéphane Bertrand will only be implemented between Stéphane Bertrand and Raf Van Hulle, if and only if Stéphane Bertrand directly precedes Raf Van Hulle on arrival.

If another participant arrives between the two, nothing will apply. At no time will Stéphane Bertrand be penalized with respect to other participant. At no time will Raf Van Hulle benefit from the other participants.

Florian Bailly
Sun Trip director

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