Statement : Two Safety alerts this Sunday, July 1st.

The organization team wishes to inform all participants and followers of two safety alert on Sunday July 1, 2018.

In Russia, solar challenge leader Raf van Hulle triggered his emergency GPS tracker mid-afternoon, after being involved (in an indeterminate manner) in a traffic accident. Immediately, the SPOT GPS emergency service (which every participant is equipped with) called on the organization to clarify the situation. Unharmed and without material damage, Raf Van Hulle quickly gave some reassuring news. Heard briefly by local police, he was able to get back on the road.

That same Sunday July 1st around 11pm, the organization was made aware of an aggression in Western Ukraine on Czech participant Michael Polák, while he was looking for a place to sleep. In touch with the participant’s next of kin, the organization decided request help from Illia Kalynchuk, an Ukrainian Sun Trip fan living a few dozen miles away. Ilya was met by many SunTrippers in 2013 and was able to immediately reach the local police, which allowed the rapid dispatch of a patrol to locate and assist the participant. Beaten up and stolen during this aggression, Michael Polák resumed cycling this morning. We are in daily contact with him to support him in this post-traumatic period as well as possible. The other participants have been warned and they talk about the possibility of waiting for him in Lviv.

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