Step by steppes

The WiFi spot are rarer, I had an issue with my laptop (I killed the charger) and I’m not fast enough to write article in English than in French but today I would like to take time to share our trip with my friends who don’t speak French.Bivouaque005

Last time I gave you information in English we were in Mikolaev, Ukraine. We were spending a very good time at Ilias’ place. Afterward we continued to the Crimea, the roads were quite bad, it was quite long and not so interesting except maybe our bivouac on the Black Sea beach. We reached Kerch and take a boat to go to Russia. To be honest we were afraid about it. We heard a lot of bad stories about the Russian border and its officers but we crossed it without any issue. It is not the case for our tires. We should have new tires delivered in Sochi but the package is blocked at the border and we have to pay more money than the tires price to be able to get it. We decided to keep our Michelin tires and see if they are strong enough to go to the arrival. Anyway, we have 2 extra tires in case of emergency so we are normally safe.

Let’s talk a bit about Russia. If you have never been there you probably have stereotypes about Russian people as we had before entering in this country, but as all stereotypes, you discover by travelling that it is often quite far from the reality. For example, in France we generally think that the Russian people are cold. This stereotype was verified in the big cities, as many big cities in the world but as soon as you left them you meet very nice people on the road and in the villages. We have been invited to sleep once, to eat twice and people want to put our bikes on their trucks to help us to go faster. Sometime it is hard to explain them that we want to do the entire trip by ourselves. For them it is already crazy to come from France to Russia by bikes and few kilometers in a truck is not a big deal. 

Now we are acclimating ourselves step by step for the steppes (rich rhymes I know). We are in Elista a Buddhist city middle of nowhere. I mean to came here we did 60 km during which we crossed 2 small villages with 2 small markets and none of this markets had a bottle of Coca Cola, Pepsi or any other soda. I know that it is unbelievable, especially if you are one of my American friends, but these facts prove that we are clearly in the middle of nowhere. The future of our way will probably worst than this and we will have to carry our Coke if we want to drink it. Elista017

About the moral, since we have a new computer charger, we are in a pretty good mood, very motivated to go in wild large spaces which are on our path. For 10 days, I learnt how to manage the camping stove so we cook very good meals which is also very important for the moral. I think I could get 1 start as a camping-stove-chief. Ok, we will be back on our bikes in few hours, I will think again about my future and what to do when we will back in France.


P.S Do not hesitates to let comments, we have not always time to reply but it is always very cool to read it, here or on Facebook.

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