Team Déclic Éco – with Photowatt – Stéphane Bertrand

– 43 years-old –

Ranking fifth on the Solar Challenge on the Sun Trip 2013 between France and Kazakhstan, participant on the Sun Trip Tour 2017, Stéphane is a key figure for the event.

Man of a few words, he prefers to focus on his target. In 2018, he comes back from Southern France on to the Sun Trip roads aiming to step on the podium in Guangzhou.

He can again count on his loyal technical partner, Declic-éco. Also located in Souther France, this e-bike specialist already designed his first machine in 2013. An adventurer to follow closely.

His Solar Bike

Recumbent bike: NAZCA Pioneer

Engine: FH205

Solar Panels: 2X220 Watts visible

Battery: 48V 22A/h – Li-Mn

Technical Partner

Declic Eco

Since 2008, our company is specializing in tailor-made light vehicle electrical assistance. We develop all components: batteries, controllers, engines, mechanical adjustments but also solar energy to allow you to ride further.

Website: Declic Eco


Photowatt has been a pioneer in the solar-energy industry for over 35 years. The company designs and produces photovoltaic modules using crystalline silicon for different applications ranging from residential equipment to solar-power plants and Off-Grid.

Website: Photowatt

A Few Words From The Adventurer…

Friends of the adventure, the adventure is calling us.

Always ready for a little bike ride, I couldn’t miss this new edition on the Sun Trip towards the end of the world

This means an enormous personnal and ethical challenge with beautiful moments and meet-ups to come.

May the force guide us on on the dark roads until we see the light of Canton and then BANZAIIII.

Stephane Bertrand on the Sun Trip 2013

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