Summary of the last days

The important facts since my last article:
– Apparently my battery is definitively dead; hopefully I received an emergency one. It has 1/3 of the capacity but it is still better than no battery at all
– We did a very long day, 236 kms. It was probably not the best idea ever, especially because it was cloudy, windy, my battery died this day, we did 30 extra kilometers because the main road was not allowed to ride.
– We changed our itinerary to avoid a maximum the bad weather forecasted in Slovenia. So we are going by Croatia. Here the weather should not be nice, but at least we will normally avoid storms.

Slovénie expresse006

Some thoughts:
– Couchsurfing is very nice to meet people and share nice experiences, but when you travel with a solar bike it is not always flexible enough, some day we would like to do more kilometers because it is very sunny, some others days we would prefer do less kilometers than forecasted because you are not in a good shape. To manage with this we decided to ask for Couchsurfing each 2 or 3 days by this way we still have a target but we have more flexibility to reach it.
– Italian roads are very chaotic and crowded; as soon as we arrived in Slovenia the roads were clearly better than the Italian or even the French one.
– The world is still not bike friendly, when you do 3 kilometers before seeing for the first time a sign “forbide to bikes”, you have to go back on your way and try to find another path. There is also this kind of very nice cycle path in Italy!

– When you ride every day your tanning is so horrible than you are sure to not be mister camping for the 2 comings years

Route de Vérone052

– Marco & Sergio two amazing hosts who helped us during the hardest parts of our trip.
– The random Austrian rider with who we trade a map for Italy against a map for Croatia.
– Florian, Ludo and Rodérick for the emergency battery, which is basically now, my main battery

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