The Sun Trip 3rd Edition: Lyon-Canton


After Kazakhstan in 2013 and Turkey in 2015, we’re proud to confirm a 3rd Edition of the Sun Trip for Summer 2018 between Lyon and Canton!

On a 12 000 km route crossing 10 countries, the Sun Trip 2018 will ride along the New Silk Roads to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Lyon-Canton (Guangzhou) twinning, the cities being respectively the second- and the third-biggest cities of France and China.

This 3rd edition aims to make the Sun Trip into the world’s largest overland adventure.


The Sun Trip 2018 Official Regulations and Technical Regulations will be disclosed soon.

You may already have a look at the new Technical Specifications summary and at this map.

Departure will take place either at the middle of June 2018.

The details of the itinerary shall be given soon, including any mandatory checkpoints or restricted areas. As usual, these rules may be modified until last minute according to geopolitics.

Return of bicycles to Europe (by the new rail transportation) will be coordinated by the organizers under terms that will be given at a later time.


The Sun Trip 2018 will be open to 50 participating teams under three distinct registration categories.


Individual Registration : 20 Teams

Individual teams (solo or duo) will take part under their own name and will be invited to bring visibility to a cause: association, foundation, school, university or non-profit working in the field of energy or mobility.

Participants will have a possibility to display their own sponsors on their official presentation page. They can also showcase them in their own communication efforts.

Registration Fee : €1100 (solo), €1500 (duo), €800 (solo under 30 years old), €1100 (duo under 30 years old), taxes included. Former SunTrippers members of the Sun Trip Association will get a 10% discount. All details pertaining to this registration category will be published shortly.

Business Registration : 20 Teams

Business teams (solo or duo) will take part under their own name and that of the partnering business. The Organizer will refer to the partnering business every time the team is mentioned in official communication the same way that it can be seen on the famous Vendée Globe: team name, jersey with logos, showcasing the business on the bike, etc. 

The partnering business can choose its own participants or choose from a database of validated adventurers. Said adventurer therefore gets their registration fees paid for.

By sponsoring a team on the Sun Trip 2018, a business will benefit from the brand name of the event in the French and International media, but will also get an opportunity of positive internal communication all Summer 2018 long.

Registration Fee: €5000 (one or two participants in the team), taxes not included. There will be an option to buy a key-in-hand solar bike.  All details pertaining to this registration category will be published shortly.

The Sun Trip Guests: 3 participants

Three guests (no registration fee) will be selected by the Sun Trip Association, the Sun Trip alumni organization.

These invitations aim mainly at making the Sun Trip 2018 accessible to people bearing a strong message. The following criteria will be considered: social and generational diversity, openness to the world, disability, ability to communicate.

To submit your application, please fill in the relevant paragraphs in the online form. The association will make contact with you for more details.

All registrations will be vetted by the Organizers.

Considering the extreme nature of this third Sun Trip edition, the Organizers will re-examine all registered participants monthly.

The following criteria will be considered for validation:
– Credibility of the technical project
– Ability to communicate around the project
– Propensity to complete the adventure under 100 days
– Heterogeneity of the Sun Trip participant pack


As of today we are starting to collect pre-registrations through this online form.

Already 70 participants pre-registered,from 13 different countries in the world!

Pre-registration is not a definitive commitment but will ensure that your application will get examined in the first batch.

The first participants to be approved will be introduced during summer, once the project is formalized. A waiting list will be established once the quotas are reached for each registration category.


More than ever, the Sun Trip adventurers will have many different possibilities to link Lyon and Canton overland.

The official departure will take place in the Gallic capital center.  Then, a four-day prologue will take participants in the heart of the Alps, between the lakes and mountains of Savoie-Mont-Blanc. From Chamonix, on, participants will ride by themselves unassisted.

The first half of the route will see lands already familiar to the Sun Trip fans, towards the steppes of Kazakhstan and the Central Asian mountains. Some participants could even try to ride further north, through Siberia and Mongolia.

Finally, the adventurers will have to cross a large part of China, facing the Taklamakan and Gobi deserts, crossing the high central plateaux and some of the most emblematic landscapes of China to finish in hot subtropical climate of the Guangdong Province!

The route should be 11,000-12,000 km long depending on the itinerary choices.

This 2018 edition will be a total adventure and certainly the most spectacular since the Sun Trip’s creation.


China’s third-biggest city with 14 million inhabitants, Canton (or Guangzhou in Chinese) is located in the South-East part of the country.

Rich with history, Canton today is turned towards modernity. At the heart of the megalopolis, the Canton Tower will be the extraordinary symbol of the Sun Trip 2018 arrival line!

Discover this incredible city through this video.