Sun Trip Tour 2017 challenges

Discover the winners of the four optional challenges that took place in the Sun Trip Tour 2017.

Energy efficiency, performance, communication and state of mind, all the aspects of the Sun Trip were represented.

Eco Drive Challenge: Charlotte Gille

The Eco Drive Challenge rewarded energy efficiency and participant steadiness, meaning arriving at the waypoints before a cut-off time determined by the organizer. Energy efficiency meant to use only solar energy with a limited means of production.

Charlotte Gille is the participant who had the smallest weighted solar array whilst respecting all the cut-off times and not tampering with her sealed charger.


The winner (or the winners) will be designated at the arrival of the Sun Trip Tour in Lyon after taking in consideration the performance of eligible participants on all the legs with the exception of the final one between Trévoux and Lyon.

A sportswoman without  much experience in long distance cycling, Charlotte demonstrated that the solar bike allows a wider audience to climb the highest mountain passes by bicycle!

The Super SunTripper Challenge: Michel Bertet and Louis Parienté


This challenge rewarded participants that maximized distances (and therefore elevation) on their itinerary for the Sun Trip Tour 2017.

Participants competing in this challenge could imagine as many detours as they wanted as long as they met these criteria:

  • Do not make a loop or backtrack;
  • Recharge using only 100% solar energy;
  • Respect the cut-off time for all the journey legs. The cut-off schedule will be announced later and each minute over the cut-off time will mean 1 km subtracted from the adventurer’s kilometre count;
  • Scrupulously respect the rule about not riding at night, as mentioned in the Adventure Regulation.

After earning 4 of the 5 stage badges, Michel and Louis logically earned the general challenge with over 1,400 km (870 miles) and 22,000 m (72,000 ft) elevation!

The Sun Trip Tour is not a race but yet another opportunity to underline the performances made possible by solar cycles.

Best Photo Challenge: Bram and Jonathan – KU Leuven Team

This challenge rewarded the public’s choice photographer on the Sun Trip Tour.

At the end of each leg, participants could provide the organizers with a photo then published on the Sun Trip’s Facebook Page. Christophe Dugué won three badges while the youngest Belgian team earned two. 

In the end, Bram and Jonathan had the most “Likes” in total and won the cumulative challenge on the 15 days of the adventure.

Here you can enjoy the most liked photo on this Sun Trip Tour edition. It was snapped at the top of the Great Saint-Bernard Pass.


The Super Combative: Jean-Louis Machado

By way of a Jury’s Choice, this challenge was left to the judgment of the organization members.

The Super Combative did not meet a defined criteria, but rewarded the participant that was perceived as being the most in phase with the Sun Trip spirit and that demonstrated best their polyvalence: technical mastery, original itinerary, communication skills, perseverance.

Jean-Louis Machado was unanimously elected! He excels at being combative, impressed by his determination, always smiling, and carrying a strong message about disability inclusion. In the Sun Trip, there is no specific category for disability, but in this case it became a strength that we all commended. Bravo!

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