Team MND – Eric Morel
with Douze Cycles

Ranking third on Sun Trip Race Challenge and Second for the Blogger’a Jury Award, 38 years-old Frenchman Eric Morel was a flagship participant on the 2015 Edition between Chambéry, Milan and Turkey.

Being a fast rider and a good communicator with a charming smile, he can count once again on the technical expertise of Douze Cycles while wearing the colors of Savoy-based MND Group.

Official Partner

MND Group is a Savoy-based firm operating all around the world in the mountain and urban cable transportation industry. MND Group is also well established in China where it recently was contracted to create new winter sports resorts.

MND Group  hopes that supporting Eric Morel in an official team will be a symbol of the good relations between France and China while reaffirming its interest for new mobilities.

More informations : Official Website

The Solar Bike

More information to come.

Technical Partner: Douze Cycles

Well established in the heart of Burgundy, Douze Cycles is proud to produce cargo bikes that are sold in all corners of the planet. As a major player in the cargo bike culture, Douze Cycles wishes to positively and sustainably influence the transition towards a soft mobility, be it electrically  assisted or not.

Having supported Eric Morel during the Sun Trip 2015, it is natural for Douze Cycles to collaborate again with such a serious athlete. For this longer adventure, a completely redesigned bike was made, now even more solar than ever!

Web Site: Douze Cycles

A few words from Eric…

I discovered the Sun Trip by chance while looking for information on long-distance cycling such as the Eurovelo 6. At first, I thought, it was to “cheat” to use solar energy for cycling, but I soon realized that it allowed for a real adventure, a pionner’s challenge. I saw sport, nature and renewable energies packed together in one trip And I saw myself there!

Being a nature and and environment educator for over 10 years, I aimed to demonstrate solar energy efficiency and earned the third place in the Sun Trip 2015’s  solar challenge. Fortunately, I’m also a triathlete; the challenge was tough despite the very performant bike I got from Douze Cycles. It was a learning opportunity for them and for me. It is with the strength gained from experience that I throw myself again on this larger-than-life challenge!


MND Group Video Presentation:

Eric Morel & Douze Cycles during the Sun Trip 2015 :

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