Team Newquest – Jack Butler

24 years-old

Our youngest participant so far on this edition! His enthusiasm can be summarized in his own words:

« I’m Jack, 24 and British. My main passion in life is travel! I have been to many places and am always looking for new experiences in life. I also enjoy working with electronics, building little projects to solve everyday problems ».


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His solar bike

Bike: Custom-built, based on a Surly Troll frame

Motor: BBSHD

Battery: EM3EV 50V 20.4Ah Smart Hardcase Triangle Pack

Solar panels: At least 3 custom 24 cell panels 75Wp each

The solar panels are still being tested and added to the bike. I chose to use a regular upright bike as it’s cheaper to obtain and is useful to me not just for The Sun Trip. I’m not planning on racing for a top position so I think this bike should make a nice cruiser for the adventure on the road to China!

A few words from Jack…

I have always loved to travel and try to spend most of my time exploring new places and meeting new people. Naturally, of course I want to spend lots of time exploring Asia as there are so many beautiful and interesting places to see.

I am quite passionate about sustainable energy and strive to reduce my environmental impact whenever possible. I realised that I didn’t want to fly as I don’t want to be responsible for too many air-miles. I have followed The Sun Trip for a few years and always thought it would be amazing to take part. So everything just kind of came together at the right time! I hope that it is possible for me to take the trans-Siberian railroad back to Europe when my time in Asia comes to an end for a truly 0 air-miles trip across the world!

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