The Map Moment on 20th day

On the Adventure’s 20th day, here are GPS positions.
Raf Van Hulle tells us that his odometer displays 5,261 km from start proper, a daily average of 263km!
The half of the course has not yet been reached, he should be there in roughly 600-700 km.
Yesterday, Team MND – Douze Cycles – Eric Morel broke a new record for the 2018 Edition with 371 km in one day (between 7 am to 21 pm)! Bernard Cauquil’s absolute record in 2015 (385 km, with two more riding hours) could well fall.
Also, note that at the moment, Team O2Feel – Romain Neauport – SunTrip2018 has been blocked for two hours at the Russia-Kazakhtsan border. His Russian visa was expired… Negotiation is in progress. We hope he gets through quickly.
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