The Sun Trip in China

A Historical Day For The Sun Trip!

Raf van Hulle (Team Hyundai elevator) reached the Chinese border in 25 days riding 270 km/day on average. He entered the country this morning in the Xinjiang province.

He rode roughly 7,000 km since departure and there are still 5,500 km to go before Guangzhou (Canton).

In Chine, choosing the right course will have a determining impact. We will certainly be surprised and the situation can change quickly. The adventurers will showcase the diversity of the Chinese landscapes.

Some might be already struggling as they enter this wide country as it is so different from the other lands they have crossed so far. The cultural shock could be intense. Participants will also need to adapt their communication pace to the tools accessible for them in China.

For the Sun Trip, arriving in China is symbolic in many ways. We designed this challenge on the New Silk Roads in cooperation with the Chinese authorities. It is also in the Western Chinese deserts that that the very concept of Sun Trip was drafted 8 years ago.

The adventure is only beginning.

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