The TOP 10 on June 30

The ten fastest participants are now all on the same route.
Here our TOP 10 :

1. Raf Van Hulle (Team Hyundai elevator)
2. Stéphane Bertrand (with Declic-eco and photowatt): 380 km
3. Auguste & Camille Colle (with KU Leuven): 65 km
4. Mickaël Joguet: 143 km
5. Jack Butler (Tean Newquest): 30 km
6. Eric Morel (Team mnd-twelve cycles): 20 km
7. Herman Segers: 280 km
8. Yann & Bernard Cauquil (with Sunpower): 170 km
9. Roman Neauport (Team O2Ffeel): 170 km
10. Laurent Souchet (team EDF – Bel Air Camp): 20 km

Note that Stéphane Bertrand today lost 50 km on a route error. However, he managed to pass to Russia by 9pm.

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